Adam Audio A44H Active Studio Monitor


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Adam Audio A44H Active Studio Monitor


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Adam Audio A44H Active Studio Monitor Overview

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Affordable 4-inch 2-way active nearfield monitor with advanced room-correction features and a low-profile design for flexible positioning.

Flexible Form Factor

The Adam A44H is an active studio monitor for producers, mixers and engineers that demand transparent, professional-quality sound at an affordable price. The A44H is a low-profile solution to the A77H, delivering a lot of the same performance characteristics in a flexible form factor. The horizontal, 19-inch wide design can reside on a standard rack shelf, mounted either above or below your display and perform as a centre speaker in an immersive 3D speaker setup.

Dual MLM Woofers

Thanks to the two 4-inch long-throw woofers, the Adam Audio A44H boasts superior dynamic range, impressively low distortion performance and reduced output compression. Combined with the innovative X-ART tweeter, producers and mixing engineers can expect a wide frequency range and exceptional transparency, allowing you to hear all the details of your mix. The woofers are made from multi-layer mineral stone fibres, ensuring top-notch durability, high output and clean lows.

Wide Sweet Spot

What sets the Adam A44H apart is its low-profile and ability to be placed horizontally or vertically - perfect for home studios where you’re restricted by your space. The additional 4-inch low-frequency driver also gives you a much broader sweet spot, giving you tight and coherent playback across a wider range of listening locations in your studio.

A Control & Sonarworks Integration

Recently, ADAM Audio launched their A Control software. This revolutionary free software gives you real-time and remote control of the advanced DSP within each A Series monitor. With A Control, you can intuitively tailor your A Series monitors to your studio space. There are plenty of room adaptation and voicing options at your disposal. Any changes you make in A Control can be experienced in real time so you can instantly hear the difference between the calibrated and uncalibrated audio.

In addition, A Control lets you upload and store your Sonarworks SoundID calibration profiles directly to the DSP. This saves you from having to run the separate SoundID reference app or additional DAW plugin. Not only does this make things more convenient, but it also lightens the CPU load and reduces latency. Once your SoundID Reference calibration has been transferred to the monitor, you’re all set! No software or network cables are needed.

If you own an ADAM Audio A Series studio monitor, you can access an extended 60-day trial of SoundID Reference and explore this powerful functionality. Simply register it in the MyAdam area of the ADAM Audio website. The ADAM Audio team will then email you a license. It’s important that you get ahold of a measurement microphone, as it’s required to create a calibration profile in SoundID reference.

The Adam A44H is a dynamic, low-profile monitor with exceptional room adaption that’s perfect for producers, engineers and artists working in a small-to-medium sized studio.