Boss SL-2 Slicer Pedal

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Boss SL-2 Slicer Pedal

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Boss SL-2 Slicer Pedal Overview

One of the most sought-after BOSS effect pedals is back in a more compact package with additional capabilities - perfect for sonic adventurers and soundscape artists.

Slice It Up

The BOSS SL-2 Slicer pedal is an evolution of the legendary SL-20, which became a favourite of artists such as Johnny Marr, Brian Eno, Omar Rodríguez-López and Noel Gallagher. Whilst the legacy SL-20 has remained a sought-after stompbox since being discontinued, the SL-2 makes the Slicer engine available to a new generation of players. The SL-2 takes things up a notch, condensing this unique effect into the classic compact BOSS format and extending its sonic capabilities.

Like its Twin Pedal predecessor, the SL-2 is a highly advanced, incredibly intuitive and inspiring effect that chops your instrument’s signal into a rhythmic, percussive pattern. Combined with the internal filters, effects and multiple output options, the SL-2 can generate a near-endless array of three-dimensional grooves across the stereo field. If you’re a guitarist, synth player or any kind of adventurous musician that wants to break out of the box and explore new sonic textures, the BOSS SL-2 is a must-have addition to your pedalboard.

Compact Rhythm Machine

Don’t be fooled by the SL-2 and its pedalboard-friendly footprint. Thanks to advances in modern DSP, the SL-2 is able to take the unique Slicer engine even further. This seriously powerful groove machine delivers highly animated and rich tones both single and dual paths, chained with an array of internal effects. With 88 patterns onboard (8 patterns with 11 variations) you have a wealth of creative tools at your disposal. Using the SL-2’s USB connectivity, you can explore, audition and load new patterns into the pedal as well as arrange memory setups for different songs.

Pre-Loaded Pattern Types:

Single (1 and 2) — Rhythmic patterns that use a single Slicer effect.
Dual (3 and 4) — Rhythmic patterns that use two Slicer effects.
Tremolo (5) — Patterns with a traditional tremolo effect.
Harmonic (6) — Rhythmic patterns with pitch-shifting effects.
SFX (7 and 8) — Rhythmic patterns with different effects applied.

Sculpt The Groove

Despite the SL-2’s dizzying array of rhythmic sounds and textures, its efficient and intuitive interface makes using it a breeze. The Attack control allows you to sculpt the edge of the waveform, transforming it from a hard-chopped slice to a soft flutter. The Duty control affects the length of the waveform, shifting the effect from sharp, percussive transients to full audio blocks. The tempo can be altered using the dedicated knob or the tap tempo mode. Simply hold the pedal switch down to engage tap tempo mode and sync the SL-2 to your track or band hands-free. The Balance knob provides +/-12 dB of output level adjustment, giving you total control of the mix.

Stereo Magic

Although the SL-2 is capable of generating a host of inspirational tones with a standard mono setup, its stereo modes are truly transcendent. With its complete set of stereo inputs and outputs and seven output modes, the SL-2 can be tailored to a variety of setups. You can send direct and affected sounds to different destinations, which is perfect for recording and wet/dry rigs. The stereo and 3D processing options let you surround yourself with an enveloping, animated soundscape. The is also great for adding groove-based magic to your favourite stereo effects pedals and keyboards, including synthesizers and workstations.

Stereo Output Modes:

Fixed (Default) — Sends the same direct/effect mix to both outputs.
EFX/Direct — Sends the effect sound to Output A and the direct sound to Output B.
Random — A stereo effect that randomly outputs the Slicer sound to the left, right, or centre.
Ping-Pong — A stereo effect that alternately sends the Slicer sound to Output A or Output B.
Auto — A stereo effect that smoothly pans the Slicer sound between Output A and Output B.
3D Cross — Advanced spatial processing moves the Slicer sound in left/right and forward/back patterns in 3D space.
3D Rotation — Advanced spatial processing rotates the Slicer sound in 3D space.

External Control Options

The BOSS SL-2 slicer pedal boasts generous external control options, giving you more ways to manipulate it on-the-fly. An external footswitch such as the BOSS FS-5U can be assigned as an instant tap tempo switch or momentary on/off switch. You can also connect an expression pedal like the BOSS EV-30 to tweak knob parameters or the overall effect level whilst playing. A TRS MIDI input provides seamless synchronisation with a DAW, drum machine and any device that transmits MIDI clock. Parameters including expression, tempo and bypass can also be controlled and automated via MIDI CC messages.

5 out of 5
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Rated 5.00 out of 5 04/1/2024

I am only just scratching the surface of what this can do. I am sure that once I master it, there will be lots more fun to be had. Being Boss, needless to say the build quality is fantastic.

Daniel Allum

Rated 5.00 out of 5 01/4/2023

Superb pedal

Nigel Whitworth

Rated 5.00 out of 5 22/2/2023

Love this pedal, different from anything else out there and can just polay with it for hours. Brilliant for both live use and composition.

Nic Hamilton

Rated 5.00 out of 5 09/1/2023

Great fun. A source of many cool ideas.

Ms Terri Amey

Rated 5.00 out of 5 05/1/2023

Brilliantly innovative and versatile pedal for guitar and synth, sometimes like an arpeggiator on steroids, sometimes the subtlest tremolo. Can't think anyone could regret having this in their sonic armoury.

Daniel Phillips

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