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Guitar Cases

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A guitar case is the ideal way to store your electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar safely at home or on the road.

Whilst a guitar case may not be as exciting as a new effects pedal, pedal board or amplifier, it’s every bit as important as those other pieces of gear - especially if you’re a gigging guitarist or bassist. If you’re lucky enough to own and gig with Private Stock PRS Custom 24, Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster or a Gibson Murphy Lab Les Paul, it’s counter-intuitive to store it in something flimsy. A hard case will protect your guitar from the perils of humidity, knocks and scratches between playing sessions. If you care about keeping electric guitars, acoustic guitars or bass guitars in good shape, a guitar hard case is absolutely essential.

Here at GAK, we proudly stock one of the best selections of guitar cases UK-wide. We’ve got hard cases for shapes and sizes of guitars from popular brands such as Fender, Hiscox, Gator, GEWA, Gretsch, Jackson, Epiphone, Schecter and more - ready to ship with next-day delivery.

Having trouble which guitar hardcase is right for you? Can’t tell if a certain electric guitar case will fit your prized Telecaster? Head down to our Brighton store, where our friendly and knowledgeable guitar experts are ready to help you find the perfect acoustic guitar case, electric guitar case or bass guitar case. Alternatively, contact us online, over the phone or via email if you need advice on navigating our range of guitar cases.

In addition to guitar hard cases, we also offer gigbags, guitar stands, strings, plectrums, cables, slides and capos.

Are guitar cases universal?

Hard guitar cases come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s important to make sure the one you purchase matches the guitar you’re going to put in it. For example, you’re going to have trouble fitting a Jazzmaster into a case designed for a Strat or a Tele. Similarly, a semi-acoustic electric guitar like the Gibson ES-335 won’t fit within a Les Paul case. Taking some time to check your guitar’s model against the case you’re interested in will ensure a snug and secure fit.

An acoustic guitar hard case is usually made to fit a specific body shape. If you’re an acoustic guitarist, you’ll need to be extra cautious when choosing a guitar case.

Does a guitar case protect from humidity?

Guitar hard cases are great at protecting your instrument from humidity issues. This is crucial if your home is humid or if you’re travelling with your guitar between climates, as humidity can potentially damage your guitar and affect its playability.

Is a hard guitar case better than a gig bag?

There’s no doubt that a hard case provides significantly more protection than a gig bag. If you’re going on tour or flying with your electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar, guitar cases are a much better choice. On the other hand, guitar bags or gig bags are a lot lighter and more comfortable to carry as they have shoulder straps.

How big is a guitar case?

A guitar case is often larger than a gig bag as it’s reinforced with harder, more durable materials. Bass cases and acoustic guitar cases are often bulkier than electric guitar cases.