If you wanted a total history of Ibanez you´d have go back to 1908 when a company named Hoshino began as a sheet music store and later music products distributor in Nagoya Japan. By the mid-80´s Ibanez introduced the JEM, JS, RG and S Series and redefined what a Rock Guitar could be, still considered the standard by players in modern progressive metal circles, and still toured the world over by players that re-engineered the company's guitar designs in the '80 like Vai and Satch.

More recently Ibanez have released the amazing Gio Series, designed to meet the specific needs of those just starting their musical journeys. The GIO series represents amazing value for money and is the most affordable way to date for players to experience Ibanez quality guitars and basses right from the start.

And they're just as well known for their jazz, acoustic, & bass guitars too!


AE Series

AEG Series

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