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Roland Juno-DS Series
Roland Juno-DS Series

Juno-DS Workstation Synthesizer

Simple, easy-to-use keyboards, with pro sounds, intuitive operation and battery power. This is the perfect gigging/studio keyboard.

The Roland Juno-DS Synthesizer is an all-round keyboard for both the stage and in the studio, introducing the features found in a Workstation at an affordable price.

Juno has always been the name for Roland’s “workhorse” or affordable keyboard range and with such a prestigious history, the Juno-DS is the latest in the lineage.

The Juno-DS boasts so many essential features and is so easy to use, that it has become immensely popular with musicians that not only require more sounds live but may not actually be a keyboard player and want to start making music from the moment they power it on. There’s so much crammed in, at such a reasonable price, the Juno-DS is for everyone.

The Range:


JUNO-DS61 Limited Edition Black

Each JUNO-DS comes with a 3-year warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage.

While they all share the same controls, inputs/outputs and internals, the Roland Juno-DS comes in 3 key configurations depending on your needs.

The JUNO-DS61 has a 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, with synth action, making it perfect for players that need a lightweight compact option. It is also available in Limited Edition Black.

The JUNO-DS76 has a 76-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, with semi-weighted synth-action, meaning it is still lightweight, whilst extending the range of notes and offering more resistance for more established keyboard players.

The JUNO-DS88 gives you 88-fully weighted piano hammer action keys, courtesy of Roland’s PHA-4 keyboard action. This is the same piano action found in many of Roland’s Digital Pianos and is one of our favourite available. The PHA-4 features individually weighted keys, ivory feel, as well as key escapement for the most authentic acoustic piano feel. This makes the Juno-DS88 perfect for the more Piano orientated keys player.

The Juno-DS has over 1200 tones, more than 30 drum kits and 64 Performances. These can be organised and saved across the 256 User Patches or combined in the 128 User Performance slots.

The sounds cover everything from classic synthesizers, essential piano/electric piano/organ/string instruments, as well as a huge library of orchestral and SFX type tones. Due to such a diverse and wide array of inbuilt sounds, the JUNO-DS range has become the go-to keyboard for those wanting to add keys to their live set. it’s incredibly easy to navigate, which is why it’s so popular with bands and live performers across the world.

Roland have free to download expansions for the Juno-DS, accessible on Roland Axial.

There are 2 different modes; Patch Mode allows you to play individual tones and Performance Mode enables you to split/layer individual tones together, or even stack 16 different tones across the keybed at the same time.

With the Juno-DS, you can load in your own samples and spread them across each individual key easily, meaning you are able to have a completely unique sound. As well as being able to edit all of the internal sounds with the powerful onboard effects section, you can even edit your user samples too. The Juno-DS even allows you to go into finite detail within the synth section, meaning you can be as creative as possible.

Download the free Juno-DS Tone Manager, which adds deeper editability and allows you to create your own Multi-Samples, and Juno-DS Librarian, which stores more patches ready for any performance.

The Juno-DS isn’t just a live keyboard, as you can create/build your own patterns (up to 8 bars) in the Pattern Sequencer, which allows you to stack 8 different loops simultaneously. This makes the Juno-DS a fantastic writing tool. The 8 performance pads can even be used to trigger drum sounds, external loops and samples (from USB Flashdrive), giving you all the power to perform your tracks live.

The Juno-DS features numerous input options, including a jack input for microphones. You can plug your dynamic microphone and the level can be controlled with a dedicated slider and manipulated with dedicated vocal effects. You can even use your dynamic microphone to control the inbuilt vocoder, where you can use your voice to trigger any of the internal sounds.

Connect to your computer via the inbuilt USB Audio/Midi Interface to communicate with your favourite DAW or to record the internal audio of the Juno-DS. There are even 5-pin MIDI connectors on the back, allowing communication with external hardware too. The Juno-DS is able to slot straight into you live or studio rig with no hassle.

The JUNO-DS is super lightweight and portable, plus it can be battery-powered, so it is the perfect companion to the modern keyboard player and buskers.

What Roland Say:
“The Juno name has always been used for Roland’s more affordable studio/live keyboard range. The JUNO-DS is the latest edition to this long line of workhorse products. It has a huge selection of tones (over 1200), ready to be used/edited at a click of a button, covering all styles of music. You can split and layer 16 tones across the keyboard at once, perfect for Live Performers and Composers.”

“To expand your sound set, even more, you can load in your own samples and spread them across the notes of the keyboard. You can also trigger samples/drum sounds or create loops with the sample pads. It has it’s very own USB Audio Interface, so you can record your ideas straight to your laptop. To cover all possible scenarios that you may face as a performing musician, the JUNO-DS can even be battery powered.”

“Each JUNO-DS comes with a 3-year warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage.”