Cort Action PJ Bass, Open Pore Black


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Cort Action PJ Bass, Open Pore Black


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Cort Action PJ Bass, Open Pore Black Overview

Unleash your bass playing with the Cort Action PJ Bass. Equipped with versatile PJ pickup options and active EQ electronics, the Action PJ Bass offers a wide range of tonal possibilities to suit various musical genres and styles.

The Cort Action PJ Bass is your gateway to limitless musical possibilities. Combining unmatched value, versatile tonal options, ergonomic design, precise tuning stability, and captivating aesthetics, the Cort Action PJ Bass sets the stage for your artistic journey.

Whether you’re a beginner embarking on a new musical adventure or an experienced performer seeking a reliable instrument, the Cort Action PJ Bass delivers an extraordinary playing experience that will inspire you every step of the way.

PJ Pickup Set: A Versatile Sound Arsenal at Your Fingertips

The Cort Action PJ Bass features a powerful PJ pickup set, combining the punchy P-type bass pickup with the articulate J-type pickup. This dynamic pairing opens the door to a myriad of classic bass tones that cater to a diverse range of musical genres and styles. From hard rock to classic rock, jazz to pop, the Action PJ Bass empowers you to create and express your unique sound with confidence and precision.

Ergonomic Body Shape: Unleashing Performance Potential

Exclusive to the Action Series basses, the Cort Action PJ Bass boasts an ergonomic body shape that seamlessly merges the finest aspects of classic and modern designs. This thoughtfully engineered feature reduces fatigue and maximizes playability during extended playing sessions, allowing you to unleash your full performance potential. With the Cort Action PJ Bass in your hands, you can conquer the stage and captivate your audience with unmatched comfort and ease.

Die-Cast Machineheads: Unwavering Tuning Stability

Precision-crafted to deliver unparalleled tuning stability and functionality, Cort’s die-cast machine heads ensure each note rings out with unwavering clarity and authority. Whether you’re laying down a solid groove or exploring intricate melodic lines, these reliable tuners provide the confidence and reliability you need to perform at your best. With the Cort Action PJ Bass, your musical journey is characterized by precise intonation and optimal tuning control.

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