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Charvel Guitars And Basses

Versatile, high-performance and stylish electric guitars and basses that are perfect for players who demand fluid playability and formidable tone.

When it comes to slick, hot-rodded instruments Charvel is one of the top guitar manufacturers. Since establishing in the 1970s, Charvel has built a fierce reputation for high-quality guitars with incendiary tone and ultra-fast playability. Charvel was at the forefront of the Shred Revolution in the late '70s and '80s, having created the first “superstrats” that took the classic Stratocaster and modified them for the contemporary player. There’s a reason why virtuosic players such as Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Richie Sambora, Guthrie Govan and Randy Rhodes have favoured Charvel guitars over the years. If you want a guitar or bass that oozes class and style whilst allowing you to execute demanding techniques with ease, a Charvel-made instrument is a top choice.

Charvel started out offering a repair service for out-of-warranty Fender instruments. They soon began offering modifications, including upgraded hardware, high-output pickups and bold refinishes that reflected the larger-than-life style of the time. The California-based company would eventually build their own instruments and go by the name Charvel - the surname of its founder, Wayne Charvel. Today, Charvel’s modern instruments stay true to their roots, presenting an impressive range of hot-rodded Strat-style (Style 1) and Tele-style (Style 2) as well as the compact Dinky. Coming in at a variety of price points, with a wide selection of pickup configurations, finishes and tonewoods - there’s sure to be a Charvel model that’s a great match for you.

The Range:

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Pro-Mod Series

The mainly Mexican-made Pro-Mod series is the most affordable way to own a Charvel guitar or bass. The Pro-Mod range is ideal for beginner, intermediate and even experienced guitarists who want a top-notch instrument that captures everything that makes Charvel iconic - hot-rodded performance, tonal versatility and eye-catching style - at a keen price point. If you want to discover what Charvel guitars are all about, the Pro-Mod series is a great place to start.

MJ Series

Charvel’s MJ series call back to the late '80s when all of their guitars were crafted in Japan. You can expect exceptional quality across the board. From the tonewoods to the components and hardware, every single element of these Japanese-made guitars results in a jaw-dropping instrument that can meet the demands of any professional player. Price-wise, the MJ range is also more attainable than the US Select series, as manufacturing costs aren’t as expensive over in Japan.

USA Select

All of Charvel’s USA Select instruments are lovingly and meticulously built using top-end tonewoods and components at their Custom Shop in the United States - where it all started for Charvel. The entire USA Select line is exclusively made to order using the time-tested recipes that Charvel have developed over the decades. If you want the highest quality Charvel guitar or bass, the flaghsip USA Select range is what you’re looking for.

So-Cal Series

The Charvel So-Cal models harken back to the hot-rodded and heavily modded guitars that kicked things off in the '70s. The So-Cal range takes those classic Fender designs and invigorates them with the shredder-focussed features such as Floyd Rose bridges and hot Seymour Duncan pickups. Like the Strat and Tele, Charvel’s So-Cal instruments feature a front-loaded pickguard. If you love old-school Charvel, a So-Cal guitar is the one for you.

San Dimas Series

The San Dimas models are inspired by Charvel’s early '80s designs, moving away from the “souped up Fender” ethos of the So-Cal range and towards a more modern, original approach that was beloved by many Southern Californian guitarists. The name “San Dimas” comes from the place where the model originated. San Dimas guitars are back-loaded, with the electronics and pickups mounted directly to the guitar. This design promotes sustain, vibration and resonance.

DK Series

The DK or Dinky series is based on the Jackson model of the same name, presenting a slimmer, streamlined version of the Strat. The smaller size makes the Dinky lighter and very comfortable play, especially if you’re a more diminutive player or playing standing up. DK series guitars feature a bolt-on neck for easy customisability and a snappy tone. There are two versions of the DK, the 24-fret DK24 and the 22-fret DK22.

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