The Moog Model 15 Is Back!


An extraordinary opportunity for one very lucky synthesist, studio, or institute…

Working from the 1970s schematics, the Moog Model 15 has been meticulously handcrafted, as a true recreation of the original. The modules are built from the original circuit board films – just as they were in 1973- by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, and using traditional wiring methods. The front panels are photo-etched aluminium, a classic process rarely still used in today’s synthesiser manufacturing, to maintain the classic and durable look of vintage Moog modules.

Upon its first release in 1973, the Model 15 represented a high watermark for modular synthesis. This synth’s inimitable tones can be heard shaping many much-loved albums. They were fundamental in the development of contemporary soul, RnB, and disco from giving Stevie Wonder’s classic run of 70s LPs their questing, innovative edge, to providing Giorgio Moroder with the pulsating machine melodies that ushered in electronic dance. At the same time, these were the instruments that inspired Brian Eno to push further out into seas of layered tranquillity on his pioneering ambient albums, or provoked bands like Yes and Tangerine Dream to blast their sonic freakouts into the cosmos.


This is a very rare opportunity to own a truly iconic synth and a real piece of sonic history. The MOOG modular Model 15, despite being the ‘baby’ of the legendary MOOG modular systems packs a sonic punch that is hard to describe but is immediately obvious as soon as you encounter it. The distinctive sound of its hand-built oscillators coupled with the multitude of filter options is as iconic as it is instantly recognisable. Its presence sonically is matched only by the user interface. The Model 15s classic layout and design invite inspiration and exploration with fidelity and precision that are exclusive to an instrument of this nature. The global run of this instrument is strictly limited to 150 units.

Over the course of 3 years, Moog Music set out to research and build a faithful recreation of the classic Moog modular Model 15 analogue synthesiser. Using all original documentation as well as circuit board and art files for every module, Moog Engineers have painstakingly recreated this powerful and portable analog system.

Each Model 15 is hand-built to its original 1974 Moog factory specifications and is a true recreation of the original. Individual modules are brought to life just as the originals were, by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, and using traditional wiring methods. Each module is then finished with a photo-etched aluminium panel, and placed in its new modular instrument.

Please call 01273665413 or email [email protected] to register interest or to arrange a demonstration.

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