New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

Check out our new range of boutique handmade pedals from Anasounds!

Tired of having no control over your creative direction? Meet your new favourite boutique pedal manufacturer, Anasounds.

Anasounds is a unique, passionately 100% handmade pedal manufacturer based in Nice, France. They specialize in fully customizable and breathtakingly artistic pedals that offer something truly different to anything else on the market.

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

As a guitarist, music lover and passionate electrical engineer, Co-Founder Alexandre created his first pedal for his own need, and step by step his company was born. His first pedal created was fairly “un-personal,” just an enclosure and pen writing. Magali, Co-Founder of Anasounds, then began designing ideas using engraved wood and plexiglass. Magali developed anasounds’ image whilst Alexandre continued working with the electronics. And together, they have created something sincerely special. Today, Anasounds founders are both extremely proud to see guitarists using their pedals all around the world. Curious about the development process of their products? check out their tone quest timeline page.

For musicians, it’s increasingly important to look and sound somewhat unique. However, there is only so much you can do to create something that no one has seen or heard before. Anasounds bridges this gap. For only £199, they offer over 80,000 variations of customization – not only visually, but internally as well!

They offer a full range of readily designed and meticulously tuned pedals, for those of you who appreciate the chef’s choice, or don’t rate yourself as a designer.

Let’s take a look, shall we…

Anasounds Origins

Anasounds Lazy Comp Analog Compressor Pedal

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

Tired of spending hours to set thresholds, ratio, attacks, release? Anasounds’ team wondered if it was possible to find compression, dynamics and harmonics in one pedal. Thus, the lazy comp was born.

The lazy comp is an optical compressor, fully adjusted in-house. on the front, there is a single setting: the mix (dry/wet), it… mixes clean and compressed sound. The lazy side of the pedal refers to the fact that this is a plug & play compressor, just turn the mix potentiometer to find happiness. Despite its apparent simplicity, this analogue compressor of incomparable quality hides a specific circuit providing a natural compression and saving the dynamics necessary for a warm and strong sound.

Anasounds Bitoun Fuzz with Ring Modulation Pedal

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

Since that magic effect appeared at the dawn of the sixties, the quest for the ultimate fuzz has inspired designers and musicians alike to try and reach that precarious equilibrium between the fluidity of incandescent magma and the rocky spittings of an amp on the verge of bursting into flames. To put it in layman’s terms, it ain’t easy to find a fuzz that is all at once huge, brutal, musical, and easy to play.

Many other brands build dual fuzz pedals, and they offer you the possibility to toggle between two different fuzz personalities. The bitoun fuzz is not a dual fuzz, it is a double fuzz! it brings together two circuits that have been designed to work together in order to bring you the ultimate fuzz sound, the one you have been relentlessly searching for… until now.

Anasounds Savage Overdrive Pedal

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

A warm and powerful overdrive inspired by the legendary centaur. Always as powerful and redoubtable, Anasounds chose to keep the vintage electronic structure to maximize warmness and tone dynamic.

The savage will provide you clean and overdrive at the same time.

Anasounds Utopia Analog Delay Modulation Pedal

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

The anasounds utopia is a tape echo pedal linked to a modulation with variable speed and depth. Echoes and filtering applied to let you find a very warm, vintage sound. Calibrated for echoes from 0 to 400ms (can go up to 600ms) it’s primarily designed to be left on 90% of the time for a beautiful slap-back. It will also enhance and accentuate your sound in the mix when coupled with an overdrive or a distortion.

In this version, they have decided to add a modulation, strike a chord and transport yourself to the other side of the galaxy!

Anasounds Phase Lag Organic Phaser Pedal

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

The anasounds phase lag is a mesmerizing vintage phaser. The 100% analogue modulation uses the OTA technology that allows not only beautiful sound rendering but also great effect stability. The modulation sweeps all frequencies of your sound, whether the rate is slow or fast, from a gorgeous spatialization effect to a vibrato.

Check out this phenomenal phaser in action.

Anasounds Cerberus Custom Overdrive Pedal

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

A very transparent overdrive that keeps all the quality of your clear sound while finding the desired saturated harmonics. Three steps for three types of clipping, jazz, blues or rock style. Inside, a potentiometer permits you to completely transform your overdrive from a very transparent sound to a warm distortion!

The Cerberus offers infinite types of overdrive in one unique pedal!

Anasounds Bumper Buffer Pickup Garnish Pedal

New & Beautifully Designed Handmade Pedals from Anasounds!

Cables lengths and impedance variations often damage sound. To keep your sound clear and clean Anasounds advise you place a bumper directly after your guitar. Placing this really small pedal (2 square inches) directly in front of your guitar will recover your genuine signal and avoid line losses.

In addition, a switch will allow you to transform your guitar pickups!

Anasounds is an up-and-coming company to watch. But don’t take my word for it. Get in there early and hear these astonishingly good pedals for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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