New Boss Katana Artist!

The All New Flagship Katana Amplifier

Now Boss have established their feet firmly in the amplifier market, the next step was to take the next logical progression and provide a world-class, high-end, boutique-style amplifier that can handle all that’s thrown at it and stand its ground in a world dominated by valve counterparts.

Through relentless hard work and research, Boss have refined the Katana for the next level, the Katana Artist. A stunning, solid amplifier paving the way for a new era of guitar amplifiers.

BOSS KATANA ARTIST - All New Flagship Katana Amplifier!

Taking you from a boutique, sparkling clean sound. With rich top-end detail that makes an ideal pedal platform to a crushing, brutal low-end monster that still maintains a rich sound without becoming muddy. Boosts, drives and even fuzz still perfectly fit straight into the Artists’ input meaning there is no compromise to sound set-up.

Top of the Range

Katana Artist is the latest in the Katana range of amps but features significant changes and tweaks that set it a cut above the rest of the amp range. The Katana Artist is not just another model in the line-up but a re-tuned, custom-voiced Katana Amplifier designed for Home, Studio and Stage Use. It is a plug-and-play, simple amp with a detailed and rich tone. Delve a little further and you get a fully customisable amp with incredible control.

BOSS KATANA ARTIST - All New Flagship Katana Amplifier!

Most importantly the Katana Artist features the Boss WAZA CRAFT SPEAKER. A proprietary speaker built from the ground up to provide the ultimate performance speaker with a vintage heritage. Several speakers from several eras, such as pre-Rola Celestions ‘Greenbacks’, were tested for performance and sound. BOSS analysed no less than 26 elements when designing the speaker. The result is a speaker that has both a great classic sound and modern performance. Perfect for a contemporary amplifier. Thanks to custom speaker coils this speaker easily handles 100 watts with plenty of headroom.