BOSS Releases NEW RV-500, MD-500, GT-1B & Katana Mini!

BOSS Releases NEW RV-500, MD-500, GT-1B & Katana Mini!

After the release of the awesome and super popular BOSS MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher Pedal (a world-class multi-effects engine and multi-pedal switcher in one small, dedicated unit) which features our very own Bass Specialist Joe Branton in the MS-3 Promo video & Rig Run Through, we have been eagerly waiting to see what BOSS has in-store for us next!

With rumours floating around the forums over the past month we have finally been treated to the announcement we have been waiting for with the release of the RV-500 Reverb, MD-500 Modulation, GT-1B Bass Effects Processor & the KATANA Mini Guitar Amplifier. So let’s jump straight in with the BRAND NEW RV-500!

BOSS RV-500 Reverb 

Journey to new dimensions of time and space with the RV-500, the most powerful and versatile reverb processor BOSS has ever produced. This multifaceted creation machine features class-defying 32-bit AD/DA along with 32-bit/96 kHz floating point processing and immense programmability, putting pro-level studio reverb and more at your feet.

Twelve modes and 21 newly developed reverb algorithms deliver a huge range of textures, from complementary ambience to deep, immersive sonic atmospheres. And thanks to the RV-500’s high-octane DSP, you can access a full-featured digital delay along with every reverb patch, and even run two reverb patches at once! Adding in MIDI I/O, support for external footswitch/expression control, and USB for connection to the free RV-500 Editor/Librarian software, the RV-500 is simply the most advanced reverb pedal available, bar none.


BOSS MD-500 Modulation

Powered by advanced BOSS technology, the ultra-versatile MD-500 delivers nearly any type of modulation effect a musician could want, and then some. Included are 28 different algorithms with intensive programming parameters, offering a nearly limitless sound palette to create with. And with class-defying 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout, you’ll enjoy pristine sound quality that extends beyond the capabilities of the very best studio hardware.

Effects in the MD-500 include many new Prime types developed with cutting-edge BOSS tech, plus authentic sonic recreations of vintage classics like the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, Roland Dimension D, ‘70s script phaser, ‘80s tri-chorus, and numerous others. With the ability to use two patches at once with A/B Simul mode, the MD-500 can likely cover all your mod needs with one convenient pedal. And by inserting drive pedals in the MD-500’s flexible external loop, it’s easy to place mod effects before, after, or around the loop as needed for the very best sound.


BOSS GT-1B Bass Effects Processor

The GT-1B gives bass players a massive range of pro tone-shaping power in a small and robust package. Backed by BOSS’s flagship sound engine, you have full access to a huge selection of bass-optimized amps and effects for stage and studio playing. The streamlined interface lets you dial in sounds fast, while the onboard control switch and expression pedal enable you to adjust multiple effects in real-time. And by connecting to BOSS Tone Central, you can download new patches, editing software, and more. Compact, rugged, and battery powered, the GT-1B is the ultimate mobile tone companion for every bassist.

With the GT-1B’s intuitive interface, it’s simple to build sounds and fine-tune parameters, even if you’re new to multi-effects. Dedicated buttons provide instant editing access to each effect category, which you can adjust straight away via three-panel knobs. The buttons also function as on/off switches, and feature status indicators that let you see which categories are enabled at a glance. Easy Select and Easy Edit functions streamline patch creation even more, allowing beginners and pros alike to achieve polished multi-effects sounds with just a few tweaks.


BOSS Katana-Mini Guitar Amplifier

A serious rock amplifier. A small package. Same Boss Quality.

The Katana Mini contains a custom designed speaker, hardware architecture and components which have been designed to offer maximum sound quality in a small size. This is not digital / modelled “snap-shot” sounds like most amps. All the sounds you hear have been properly produced to offer maximum tone and flexibility.

The Katana Mini designed from the ground up started with the strong clean tone upon which the rest of the amp was born. Starting with the rich and full clean tone and then adding in analogue gain stages to create three highly detailed and responsive channels to allow the player maximum flexibly in a small package.

Suited for all players and all styles there is something for everywhere in this tiny amp. This is NOT a toy like so many others on the market. When you plug it in, most people do not expect to hear the sound that does come out the speaker, clarity and class that goes from clean funk to djent. Perfect for use at home from bedroom to green room. Battery or mains powered means that it’s portable and always ready to play.