Create amazing audio at home with SHURE!

At Home with Shure

Whether you’ve been trying to get your home studio up and running or you’re trying to be heard by your co-workers over your Monday morning conference call, setting up some high-quality audio at home has become a priority for many of us at home at the moment. Look no further than Shure – These guys have you covered for everything from headphones and earphones to a top-notch mic to get you started. They know that getting your home set up right is important, and they want to help. We here at GAK stock a wide range of Shure’s best and brightest to help you along the way. Let’s take a look.


Add a touch of professional polish to your podcast. Shure microphones come in XLR for studio-quality and USB for plug-and-play recording on the go. Having a podcast is as simple as having something to say and a mic to talk into. But the right mic makes sure your listeners can hear your content clearly.

Shure MV5 MOTIV Digital Condenser Mic – £99

The Shure MV5 MOTIV Digital Microphone is a USB powered Condenser Mic designed for quick, simple and portable use. Ideal for recording acoustic instruments, Vocals, or even for use with Skype, the Shure MV5 MOTIV Microphone features a built-in headphone output for real-time monitoring. To make life even simpler, the Shure MV5 MOTIV Mic comes equipped with a detachable aluminium desktop stand ideal for use when podcasting.

Shure Mv5 Motiv Digital Condenser Mic

Shure MV51 MOTIV Digital Condenser Microphone – £169

The Shure MV51 MOTIV Digital Condenser Microphone is a large-diaphragm condenser mic with a USB connection allowing you to capture high-quality audio via your Mac, PC or iOS Apple device. One brand new feature of this Shure microphone is it’s touch panel control which makes it simple to adjust Gain, Phantom Power, Mute and Headphone volume.

As well as a stylish vintage design, the Shure MV51 Digital Microphone comes equipped with an integrated kickstand for desktop use and can be quickly adapted for use with any standard mic stand.


Video microphones that connect directly to SLR cameras. Lavalier and condenser mics specially designed for laptops and mobile devices. Simple-to-use apps for smarter sound management. Shure enhances audio to upgrade your video.

Shure MV88+ MOTIV Video Kit – £187


Shure Motiv Mv88 Video Kit
  • Includes industry-leading Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod, phone clamp & shoe-mount, USB-C & lightning cables
  • Includes neoprene roll-up bag to keep all your accessories in one place
  • Built-In Headphone Output for real-time monitoring
  • Pristine audio for multiple setups (included phone mount is also compatible with your existing set-up, allowing you to connect to any tripod with a connector)
  • All metal construction
  • Detailed stereo capture, five DSP preset modes
  • Shure MOTIV Audio App for pro-level recording
  • Shure MOTIV Video for onscreen control
  • Allows for phone charging while the mic is in use (requires USB-A cable and Apple USB3 camera adapter) – iOS users only

Shure MV88 MOTIV Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone for iOS Devices – £119

The Shure MV88 MOTIV Digital Microphone is a Stereo Condenser Mic designed to capture high-quality audio using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Lightning Connection. Simply connect your Shure MV88 Microphone directly to your Apple device to record great audio on-the-go. For flexibility, the MV88 MOTIV features a 90-degree hinge with built-in rotation to allow the mid-side microphone to change position for your convenience.

Home Office

Shure SE215-CL-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear – £75.40

The SE215’s are an impressive entry-level in-ear monitor from Shure. By utilising the technology of top-end IEM models, the SE215 is able to give you professional sound quality, at a fraction of the price. Onboard you will find Shure’s innovative sound-isolating technology which gives you the ability to block out external noise without messing with the overall sound. In the box, you will also find the Fit Kit, with different sized foam and silicone sleeves to fit different sized ears.

Shure Se215 Clear Box Set

Shure SRH440 Headphones – £58

The Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure provide exceptional sound reproduction and comfort. Optimized for home and studio recording, shure srh440 headphones reproduce accurate audio across an extended range. Impedance, power handling and sensitivity are all calibrated for professional audio devices such as DJ mixers, mixing consoles, and headphone amplifier. Includes carrying bag and threaded 1/4″ (6.3mm) gold plated adapter.

Shure Srh440 Headphones