Yamaha: RC and Oak hybrid kits

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There are few brands that can claim to have the same degree of heritage as Yamaha; for years, they’ve been the trusted go-to for so many professionals at the top of their game, and their artist roster speaks volumes to their calibre. They’ve crafted a name for themselves by creating gorgeous, resonant drums, full of life and character. Not to mention their constant innovation, and their efficient, reliable hardware.

Their current range of kits cleverly covers every sound you could possibly dream of: 

Looking for open, resonant, modern-sounding drums?

Grab yourself an Absolute Hybrid Maple, arguably one of the most reliable and versatile kits on the market. 

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Green Sparkle

After a more warm, vintage sound?

Check out the re-issued Recording Custom. It was developed in tandem with their long-standing artist, endorser and collaborator, the one and only, Dr. Steve Gadd. The birch shells give the kit plenty of low end, and the 30-degree bearing edges give it a rich, warm character.

Yamaha Recording Custom Rock Shell Pack Surf Green B Stock

Do you want a punchy, aggressive sound, that will cut through any mix?

Yamaha have you covered with their most recent addition to the family, the Live Custom Hybrid Oak. The hard, dense shells have an inner layer of phenolic resin, which makes the whole drum resonate when struck, giving you extra attack and projection while retaining a lively wooden shell tone.

Variation 02 Drum kit

With such a diverse range of sounds from their drumkits, it only makes sense to have a similar range of options with their snare drums. 

The Recording Custom series brings a wide range of metal shells to the table, from brass to aluminium, as well as their signature birch shell. The brass shells have all the warmth you would expect from a brass drum, while the dry and controlled sound of the aluminium shells is further enhanced by the die-cast hoops that come fitted as standard. On top of this, the 14×7″ steel shell is an aggressive beast of a snare, with plenty of cut from the steel, but no lack of body due to the depth. 

Yamaha Recording Custom Snare 14X55In Steel

Don’t forget the Live Custom Hybrid Oak snares. These drums really project and are a great way to stand out in the mix, without having to resort to a metal shell. They also look stunning, with Yamaha’s unique UZUKURI finish, letting the lacquer really settle in to emphasize the natural grain of the oak shells.

Yamaha Lhs1455 Live Custom Hybrid Oak Snare 14X5 5In Magma Sunburst

With such a diverse range of options, it’s no surprise Yamaha has been the go-to for working drummers, and hobbyists alike for years!