Extend your warranty for up to 5 YEARS with ADAM Audio!

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Last time we caught up with you guys we talked about how you could take your student home studio to the next level with the latest software packages and best pro tips and tricks we could think of (if you happened to miss that one, be sure to check it out here!), but this time we’re coming to you with something a little different, but equally as intriguing. Today we’re talking about ADAM Audio.

So we’re all on the same page here, let’s do a little introduction to ADAM Audio. These guys started up twenty years ago and are based in Berlin, Germany, and it’s been their mission to bring the latest and most innovative designs to the field of professional audio and doing so by specialising solely in the production of headphones and speakers. Their top of the line products not only meet the exacting technical and acoustic requirements of modern studios, they are also designed for reliability and longevity and will produce a crystal clear sound that will leave you wondering why you didn’t swipe up an ADAM Audio speaker sooner. They have since earned themselves a worldwide status and continue to develop and produce the latest and most dynamic pro-audio headphones and loudspeaker equipment, and as a result you will find ADAM Audio products finding homes with some of the worlds most renowned DJ’s and producers. Check out this interview with DJ Carl Cox in the studio with ADAM Audio, where they talk about his start as a DJ and the search for the perfect studio monitor!

Or click here to read about the award-winning Point Blank Music School that upgraded its monitoring for its London studio with ADAM Audio S3H And S2V monitors!

Adam Audio Sp 5 Headphones Adam Vanryne Total

ADAM Audio are a company that are forward-thinking, experimental and move with the times, they’ve experimented with rare-earth magnets and high-strength diaphragm foils and are constantly working to make their designs sustainable in order to minimise their impact on the environment. Pretty cool, right? And now they’re offering you guys something even more.

ADAM Audio are offering you a 5-year warranty if you register your ADAM AUDIO product in the MyAdam user area before the 31st December 2019, and if that wasn’t incentive enough, on top of your 5-year warranty you will receive a FREE 100-day Tidal HiFi streaming trial! What’s not to like?! Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

The warranty applies to our current product range (products that have been discontinued and are no longer offered by ADAM Audio are excluded from the warranty program. Information about the current ADAM Audio product range is available on their website). Should the unlikely scenario arise that your product needs to be repaired or replaced, you are protected from additional costs for half a decade.

The regulations in your region relevant to product warranties apply. When you buy an ADAM Audio product, you receive the standard warranty period of two years. On registering your product in the MyADAM customer area of our website, the warranty is extended by three years to a total of five years. Should warranty extensions be illegal in your region, we cannot extend the warranty period. Please register your product in the MyADAM user area after your purchase (the date on the purchase receipt applies) to receive an extended warranty totalling five years from the date of your purchase.

Don’t forget! Your free 100-day tidal HiFi streaming trial!

If you register your ADAM Audio product via a MyADAM user account to extend your warranty during the special offer period between 16 Sept 2019 and 31 Dec 2019, you will receive a voucher from that you can redeem here, letting you create a free 100-day trial account (offer valid as long as stocks last, provided on a first-come, first-served basis). TIDAL provides high-resolution audio files, including files in the MQA format (Masters Quality Audio). TIDAL trial accounts are generally limited to 30 days.

For Full terms and conditions of the 5-year warranty terms, you can check out this page. But for now, let’s show you what you’re getting yourself into! Keep scrolling to check out some of the awesome products that ADAM Audio has on offer. Go on, we know you want to

Adam A3X Active Studio Monitor 1 1
Adam A3X Active Studio Monitor – £199
Adam A77X Active Studio Monitor A Speaker
Adam A77X Active Studio Monitor, A Speaker – £654
Adam T5V Active Studio Monitor £137
Adam T5V Active Studio Monitor – £137
Adam Sub 8 Active Studio Subwoofer
Adam Sub 8 Active Studio Subwoofer – £499
Adam Sub 12 Active Studio Subwoofer
Adam Sub 12 Active Studio Subwoofer – £1149
Adam Ax Wm Wall Mount For Ax Series Monitors
Adam AX-WM Wall Mount for AX Series Monitors – £40
Adam Audio Sp 5 Studio Pro Headphones 1 1
Adam Audio SP-5 Studio Pro Headphones -£399