JUST RELEASED – Moog Matriarch Semi Modular Synthesizer!

It is always a good day in synth land when Ashville’s finest MOOG Music INC pull the wraps off a new Synthesiser… Moog announces the Paraphonic Analogue MOOG MATRIARCH keyboard.

Moog Matriarch Semi Modular Synthesizer

With MOOG recently rewriting the rulebook, and simultaneously topping every synth heads wish list with their epic uber powerful, zero compromise halo polysynth the MOOG ONE, they have now turned their considerable talents to a more diminutive 4 voice paraphonic synth in the form of the MOOG MATRIARCH.

This powerful synthesiser sports 4 oscillators derived from the wonderous GRANDMOTHER (Its oscillators, in turn, drew heavily on the classic legacy modular 901 oscillator topology). These can be configured in various ways. 4 OSC mono, 2 OSC 2-note parphony, and also 4-note paraphony, naturally, all fed through MOOG’s legendary classic signature ladder filter.

Sporting no less than 90 3.5mm modular patch points, the appeal of this synth will be broad. With players, synthesists and modular users all, no doubt, queuing to get their mitts on a MATRIARCH. Oh, and then why not top all that off with a Bucket Brigade Chipped delay chain. Yes, Amos and his team certainly know how to please…

The MOOG MATRIARCH represents a great opportunity for many users, that cannot stretch to the heady heights of the MOOG ONE, Now you can get your hands on a MOOG you can play chords on for a price, when matched up with its specification, represents superb bang for your buck. Plus, of course, it is scientifically provable that owning a MOOG makes your life better, just ask a member of staff how!

Moog Matriarch Semi Modular Synthesizer under lamp

Moog Matriarch Semi Modular Synthesizer close up

For further information on MOOG MATRIARCH call our Moog Pro certified team on 01273 665413, to browse for MOOG instruments on our web store, click here.