GAK REVIEW: Behringer DeepMind 12

It’s not widely known that Behringer’s first product back in 1977 was a synthesizer. Uli Behringer designed the UB-1 synth when he was only 16 years old, so it’s not really too much of a surprise that he has returned to what he regards as his first love. Having said that, it’s been almost 40 years since the release of that first synth and the Behringer team have used all their industry experience to craft the Deep mind 12.

The Deep Mind 12 is an analogue, 12-note polyphonic synthesizer. Behringer have gone on the record stating the starting points for the design was the legendary Roland Juno 106 and the nod to the 106 is clearly visible throughout the unit.

Behringer DeepMind 12


It comes in an all black finish with beautiful wooden panel sides and Behringer are clearly not skimping on size. Featuring a four-octave keyboard with full-size keys. There’s 26 long throw faders each controlling a specific parameter. They are all labeled clearly and very easy to use. The inbuilt LCD display is crisp and easy to use. Also on the unit you’ll find portamento, pitch and mod wheels, perfect for live performance and studio functions alike.

The synth sounds even better than it looks. There’s a distinct pure and tight Japanese sound to the oscillators, not lacking character unlike many of its American counterparts. The three envelopes are extremely responsive and the filter only adds to the fantastic sound. The top end on the unit brings a bright character, whereas the low end gives you that extra punch and is weighty enough to drive the synth.

If you’re looking for a synthesizer with a huge amount of polyphony and oscillators, you’re in luck. There are two DCO’s per voice, amounting to 24 overall oscillators. Add a small amount of detuning to the oscialltors and you’re on your way to creating some mega synth sounds.

Retailing at under £1000 you’ll be hard pressed to find another synth at a similar price point, with such a huge amount of features. It’s the perfect synth for gear heads looking for a new toy for the studio. It looks great, sounds even better and we’re excited to see what else Behringer have up their sleeves after this truly impressive release.