Find Your First Instrument with GAK’s Brands

Find your first instrument with our range of high-quality and affordable instruments.

It can be a daunting task to find your first instrument. No matter what instrument you decide to play, it can be difficult to discover the right one for your needs and budget. That’s where our beginner-friendly brands Mad About, Tiger, Theodore and World Rhythm come in.

At GAK, we’re proud to offer instruments and music equipment from popular brands such as Fender, Gibson and Boss. Alongside these iconic names sit our own brands – Mad About, Tiger, Theodore and World Rhythm. Each one specialises a certain type of instrument, from exotic world percussion to violins to acoustic guitars

What all of our GAK brands have in common is that they present quality instruments and accessories at an affordable price. Whether you go for a Tiger 5-piece drum kit or a World Rhythm cajon, you’re guaranteed a reliable, great-sounding instrument that will confidently take you through your early stages.

In this article, we’ll take you through each GAK brand and what they have to offer.

Mad About: Fun and Engaging Instruments for Young Musicians

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Mad About specialises in creating instruments tailored for pre-school age children. This brand’s vibrant selection includes beginner-friendly percussion instruments, classical guitars, recorders, ukuleles, toy pianos and glockenspiels. Mad About’s focus on colourful designs and accessible instruments aims to inspire a love for music in young children while providing a fun, engaging experience. The brand’s instruments are also designed with durability in mind, ensuring they withstand the energy and enthusiasm of little ones exploring their musical talents.

Tiger: Versatile Instruments and Accessories for Budding Musicians

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Tiger‘s mission is to provide top value on a wide range of instruments (including guitars, ukuleles and drum kits) and premium accessories such as (guitar stands, gig bags, strings and straps).

The brand has earned a reputation for manufacturing dependable, high-quality instruments at affordable prices. That’s why Tiger are the preferred choice for many novice musicians searching for their first instrument.

Tiger’s diverse offerings include acoustic guitars in stunning colour options, junior drum kits available in various sizes and setups and folk instruments like ukuleles. With a focus on quality and affordability, Tiger ensures that musicians of all ages and skill levels have access to exceptional instruments.

Theodore: Classical Instruments and Accessories for Young Learners

Logo of GAK Brand Theodore
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Best-selling GAK brand Theodore specialises in offering affordable and high-quality classical instruments. Theodore’s range includes violins, bows, music stands and essential accessories. With a design approach that caters to beginners and children, Theodore’s collection supports students embarking on their classical music journey. The brand’s scaled-down violins come with a complete package of accessories, such as gig bags, shoulder rests, rosin, and bows. Theodore’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and accessible pricing ensures that young musicians feel confident and inspired while playing their instruments.

World Rhythm: A Vibrant World of Percussion

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World Rhythm provides an exciting range of world percussion instruments. They enable musicians to explore a variety of rhythmic patterns and sounds from different cultures. The brand’s collection includes instruments such as djembes, cajons, bongos and tambourines. They present a truly extensive palette of options for percussion enthusiasts.

World Rhythm crafts its instruments from high-quality materials and designs them to produce authentic, rich tones from across the globe. World Rhythm’s impressive assortment of percussion instruments is bound to inspire you – whether you’re a drummer looking to augment your setup with a cajon or add an exotic flavour to your music.

Find Your First Instrument With GAK Today

GAK’s brands, Mad About, Tiger, Theodore and World Rhythm offer all musicians a unique blend of affordability, quality and diversity.

Whether you’re seeking engaging instruments for young children, your very first guitar, a junior-sized drum kit, classical music essentials or vibrant percussion instruments, our GAK brands provides exceptional value and choice for musicians who want to find their first instrument. Explore these fantastic brands at GAK today and let your musical journey flourish.