NAMM 2019 – TAMA Drums Announces New Range Of Kits!

Tama Compact Club Jam Kit

The simple and sweet TAMA Club-JAM Mini kit is just a kick and snare. Its clear yet deep sound from the Mersawa / Poplar hybrid shell is just right for those small and intimate gigs.

While its compact size and configuration fit comfortably at any small venue or street show. The Drum Bag Set for this kit allows for smooth transportation (sold separately).If one needs to configure it as a regular drum kit, also available are add-on drums including the 10”x7” tom tom with attachment and a 14”x7” floor tom. It is available as a 4pc complete kit with hardware, or as just as a 4pc shell pack.

Tama Superstar Classic Maple 7 Piece Shell Pack

For more than forty years, the Superstar name has stood for groundbreaking design, superior build quality, sterling tone, and clear projection. Superstar Classic once again upholds tradition by raising the bar for discerning drummers—and remarkably—does it while also lowering the price.

Drawing on Superstar of the past, its classic TAMA T-shape badge and streamlined low-mass single lugs point to the simpler state of art of the 70’s, while the ingenious Star-Mount system and the thinner gauge 100% maple shells eclipse anything in its class.

Tama MR42TZS Starclassic Maple 4 Piece Shell Pack

In the ’80s TAMA’s Superstars and Imperialstars reigned supreme – the perfect drums for the times. But TAMA’s builders and designers wanted something that transcended trends, something timeless – drums that understood a player’s passion and allowed the expression of every genre, style, mood, and technique. They created Starclassic Maple drums…and ignited the thin-shell revolution. And now the new Exotic Finish line offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind exotic wood exteriors for that extra luxurious touch.

Numerous options are available to meet the varied and critical needs of professional drummers including a selection of more than 30 different shell sizes. Starclassic Maple also features three shell hardware finishes to choose from: Black Nickel, Chrome and Smoked Black Nickel. Starclassic Maple is simply an unprecedented combination of sight and sound.

Tama WBR42S Starclassic Walnut Birch 4 Piece Shell Pack

Exploring limitless possibilities, our result in the wake of countless experimentation came in the form of the Hybrid Shell Walnut/Birch: combining the superior quality warmth and mid to low frequency tone of the increasingly popular and truly unique Walnut, with the well-defined and uncompromisingly solid attack of Birch.

Whilst we successfully preserved their unique sonic trademarks, the characteristics of both Walnut and Birch blend to persuade a very focused sound that would define itself with great distinction within a musical ensemble; married with controlled sustain and clarity; all sealed with an undeniably palpable feeling of warmth and resonance when performed.

Tama WBR52RZS Starclassic Walnut Birch 5 Piece Shell Pack

Tama WBS32RZS Starclassic Walnut Birch 3 Piece Shell Pack

Tama WBS42S Starclassic Walnut Birch 4 Piece Shell Pack

Tama WBS52RZS Starclassic Walnut Birch 5 Piece Shell Pack

Tama WBSS65 Starclassic Walnut Birch Snare Drum 14×6.5in, Phantasm Oyster