Save 20% on Live 10 and a free upgrade to Live 11?!

Who doesn’t like a discount and an upgrade?

Between now and the release of Live 11, Ableton are offering a 20% discount on Live 10 and a free upgrade to Live 11. If you feel like you’ve been missing out on the stunning DAW that is Live – now is the best to time invest!

There’s plenty of reasons to use Live – it’s incredibly stable which make it perfect for live use and its effortless, intuitive interface is great to use in the studio. With endorsements from artists such as Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), Disclosure and Mac Demarco – you’re in great company as a Live user.

In addition, Live packs a tonne of innovative features, plugins and software instruments. It’s worth going for the Suite version if you can, it’s the complete package and comes with the full arsenal of tools and capabilities.

Live 11 builds upon the well-deserved success of Live 10 with enhanced capabilities and inspiring new sounds for you to use in your productions.

Live 11 boasts a whole range of new features and sounds

First up, Live 11 will finally introduce take recording and comping. If you’re a long-time Live user, you’ll know how long folks have been asking for this feature. From Live 11, you’ll be able to organise multiple passes of an audio or MIDI performance and fuse them together to create the perfect recording. In addition to this traditional use of comping, you can also creatively use this tool to splice samples and clips together. You’ll also be able to link two or more MIDI or audio tracks together for quick editing of multi-track recordings.

You asked for it, you got it – comp audio and MIDI in Live 11

Live 11 introduces MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) compatibility, for a whole universe of expressive possibilities. If you own an MPE controller such as a Push or ASM Hydrasynth keyboard, you’ll be able to use it to its full potential. This means you can use aftertouch/pressure, bends and slides to manipulate individual notes of a chord as well as edit the MIDI data afterwards. Ableton have also optimised Wavetable, Sampler and Arpeggiator to support MPE.

Ableton are introducing a set of new innovative devices with Live 11, including:

  • Hybrid Reverb – A marriage of convolution and algorithmic reverbs that can also be played like an instrument.
  • Spectral Resonator – Breaks the spectrum of an audio signal into partials, then transforms it in a variety of ways. A MIDI sidechain input allows you to process in key and play the device polyphonically.
  • Spectral Time – Processes audio like Spectral Resonator but feeds it into a frequency-based delay with a cool Freeze function. Capable of metallic echoes and reverb-esque effects.
  • PitchLoop89 – Created in collaboration with Robert Henke and inspired by the Publison DHM 89, a flexible tool to add instant character to your sounds. Glitch effects and digital shimmers abound.
  • Inspired by Nature – Six playful instruments and effects created in collaboration with Dillon Bastan that use natural and physical processes as their inspiration: Vector FM, Vector Grain, Vector Delay, Emit and Tree Tone.

Whilst it’s more than capable as a DAW for multi-track recording and studio use… there’s a reason why it’s called Live. With Live 11, Ableton reinforces why Live is used by so many in their performances by adding groundbreaking enhancements. The biggest addition is Tempo Following, where an incoming audio source is used by Live to dynamically adjust the tempo. Your favourite macros can now be stored for instant recall and racks can have up to sixteen randomisable parameters.

Turn your computer into a tempo-syncable FX box with Live 11

With fresh MIDI variation features such as Note Chance and Velocity Chance, it’s even easier to humanise and add dynamics to your MIDI performances.

On top of all these powerful upgrades, Ableton are giving you access to stunning sound packs that were created in tandem with Spitfire Audio (Upright Piano, Brass Quartet, String Quartet) and a new set of Curated Collections (Voice Box, Mood Reel, Drone Lab).

This promotion is an absolute no-brainer if you’re looking to get into Live, as it stands it’s an inspiring piece of software that makes producing music an absolute joy – and its next iteration takes it to another level! For more information about pricing and options – click here.

There’s never been a better time to grab a copy of Live!