Top 5 Synthesisers over £500 pounds!

Let’s jump straight into the Top 5 Synths you can buy right now for over £500!

Yamaha Montage

The Yamaha Montage cannot be underestimated in modern synthesis terms. It is much underrated and generally overlooked by purists as it is… OMG… ALL DIGITAL… and does not have any VA engines to satiate the deep-pocketed plug-in massive. Yes, it is an 8 operator FM synth with an S&S engine. That is all, but this thing is way more than the sum of its parts. With Montage V2.0 the headline update is a unique Sample Robot app that makes it simple quick and easy to import your own content into Montage. This thrusts it into a wholly new territory. All those that have walked past this synth take note, have a listen, engage, but make sure you have plenty of time, and your wallet with you.

Behringer Deepmind

The B-Boys have been sitting in a whole lotta shade of late with there belligerent copyright sensitive product roadmap. However, despite their apparent copycat sensibilities, the Deepmind, in any of its various iterations, is a future (if she holds together) and certainly in our eyes, modern classic. Forget Behringer’s scattergun horizon and check out where they are right now. Impressive, deeply impressive.

Moog Subsequent 37 CV

The Moog Sub 37 was one of the most desirable, powerful and intuitive synths ever produced. As such it would be churlish to leave its successor off of this list. You might think we are talking about the Subsequent 37 here but let us not forget the CV moniker emblazoned on this particular uniquely liveried limited edition Moog synthesiser. Yes, there is a bit of a premium for the upgraded CV connectivity over the standard model, but you are buying truly connective Moog Synthesiser that is limited to 2K units globally. With this now at a new lower price, a sound investment in every way indeed.

Roland SYSTEM-8 Synthesizer

Yes, it is green and black, Yes, it is wholly digital. But the haters are forgetting one significant issue here and it is.., Roland. The Roland Corporation is, and has been responsible for producing many of the most iconic synthesisers in music history. Perhaps more than anyone, and guess what? You can fit quite a lot of them in right here! In a single comprehensive, yet lightweight keyboard that has fastidious recreations of the Jupiter-8, the Juno-106, the SH101, and more. Try fitting that lot into your studio, or your budget any other way. Nuff said.

Arturia MatrixBrute Synthesizer

If this synth is not already on your kit list or, in your synthesiser wish list then where have you been? The power and flexibility of this behemoth is apparent the moment you clap eyes on it. Its sonics speak for themselves. The list of friends it has made since launch reads like a who’s who of current movers and shakers. If this synth does not peak your interest from its presence and looks alone, then maybe you should just go and play the drums. Simple.
Honourable mentions in this category go to… The Pioneer Toriaz AS-1. Minibrute 2s Still hot off the press this evolution of the brute brand is flexible, inspiring, and plays well with others due to its comprehensive connectivity. Korg Prologue another fresh hat in the ring, the Prologue is a handsome chap with chops to match. We have not had a chance for a proper deep dive into it yet, but all looks in order and you can check out our video tour and demo here!