Make Music From Home!

We know that many of you may be stuck indoors right now, and along with our sympathies and good wishes, we wanted to help you out with a little something to occupy your time. Something to keep those creative juices flowing and get cracking on some tracks from the comfort of your own space. If you’re hunkered up at home and are feeling the need to get productive and get those creative juices flowing, take a look at our list below. Here at GAK, we’ve got you covered for everything from free apps, discounted upgrades on your kit and the most recent innovations in DJ gear!

Experience the uplifting power of sound with Moog.

In light of recent events, the lovely team over at Moog have made their Minimoog Model D Synthesizer iOS app free to download to help people keep themselves busy at home. The Minimoog Model D App is a mobile transmutation of the world’s first portable synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D®! This piece of kit is optimized for use on all 64-bit iOS devices, anyone can jump in and play with over 160 included presets or lay fingers to the controls and begin exploring vast magical realms of creative potential.

Key features:

• Ships with over 160 presets

• Easily share presets and audio recordings with friends

• Up to 4-notes of polyphony

• Effortless MIDI CC mapping

• Note-per-channel MIDI controllers (MPE)

Download the app HERE!

Moog app

Occupy the mind with Korg, download the Kaossilator app for iOS and Android free of charge from March 13 to March 20, 2020.

Korg has revolutionized the musical instrument world with its dynamic line of Kaoss products, using an intuitive X-Y pad to provide expressive musical control. If you’re looking to make some music from home, this is the way to go. Korg will be offering this app for FREE from now until March 20th for download on iOS or Android. The palm-sized KAOSSILATOR synthesizer placed modern music-making in the hands of thousands of musicians and non-musicians alike.

Key features

● Play sounds by simply stroking, tapping, or rubbing the screen with your finger

● 150 diverse built-in sounds cover any style of dance music

● Control loops in real-time for DJ-Style live performances

● Seamless operation in tandem with the Kaossilator 2

Download the app HERE!

AKAI Professional and Sample Tools by CR2 announce a limited-time promotion for the legendary APC Series!

Until May 3rd, 2020, new and existing users of the APC Mini, APC Key 25 and APC40 MKII are eligible for two exclusive Ableton Live project templates and sample packs. Producers and live performers, looking for some creative stimulation? This is the promotion you’ve been waiting for! Akai Professional and Sample Tools by Cr2 are back with another limited-time promotion for new and existing users of the iconic APC Series. From February 3rd 2020 until May 3rd 2020, users of the APC Mini, APC Key 25 and APC40 MKII are eligible for a free download of two exclusive sample packs and Ableton Live project templates from the Platinum Producer Series that provide all the tools to spark that initial idea or add the final polish to your latest masterpiece.

Akai Professional APC Mini Controller

Akai APC

Akai Professional APC Key 25 Controller Keyboard

Akai APC Key 25

Akai Professional Force Music Production Performance System

Akai Force

Latest firmware updates for Force and MPC now includes integration with Ableton Live!

Focusrite is offering you The Interface User’s Guide To Making Music!

Discover more about recording and production, and improve your music-making chops.  Knowledge is power, and in music-making that translates to being able to explore new creative ideas and go places — musically and technically — that you otherwise wouldn’t. With deeper skills and more advanced production chops, you can start to define your unique sound, stand apart from your peers, and make awesome music.

Guide to making music

Get New Blockbuster UAD Plug-Ins by Avalon, Capitol Studios, Lexicon, and UA — FREE!

Q120 Satellite And Blockbuster Plugins Promo Hero

Looking for new top-selling UAD plug-ins and authentic analogue sound? For a limited time, buy and register any new UAD-2 DSP Accelerator and you’ll get best-selling plug-in titles from Avalon, Capitol Studios, Lexicon, and UA — absolutely FREE! 

Simply purchase and register any new UAD-2 DSP Accelerator — either Thunderbolt, FireWire, or USB Satellite or PCIe card — and get a whole host of UAD plug-ins absolutely FREE! 

Q120 Step 2
Q120 Step 1 Units

M-Audio Air 192 4 Vocal Studio Pro

This vocal studio bundle is your all-in-one solution for computer recording projects! Available from GAK, with next-day delivery, this bundle includes the critically acclaimed AIR 192|4 interface, HDH40 headphones, a Nova Black condenser microphone, XLR cable and the premium AIR Series Software Suite, laying down vocal tracks, recording electric and acoustic instruments and adding voice-overs to multimedia projects has never been easier. With the AIR 192|4 Vocal Studio Pro, the combination of high-performance hardware and easy-to-use software results in pro-grade audio capture for every recording scenario.

M Audio Air 192 4 Vocal Studio Pro

Ableton Upgrade and Save Up To £80 Until March 18th

From March 5th to March 18th, Ableton will be offering a discount on upgrades from Live Lite/Intro to Live 10 Standard and Suite. £40 off upgrades to Live 10 Standard and £80 off upgrades to Live 10 Suite.

Customers who buy Push get a Live 10 Intro licence included, which also makes you eligible for the campaign price on Live 10 Standard and Suite upgrades.

Ableton Push 2 Controller

Ableton Push 2 Ableton Live Controller
Ableton offer

Learn to play today with Fender Play Online Guitar Lessons!

Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar, but just didn’t know where to start? Got a bass as a gift and really want to get stuck into learning some techniques? Fender Play is the easiest and best way to get going. On Fender Plays learning app, which is available for both iOS and android you can learn electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and ukelele.

Their easy-to-follow lessons couldn’t make it better for you if they tried, just pick your song and your style and get going! With everything from pop, rock, blues and country, you can track your progress while mastering your favourite tunes! Start playing today.

Download the app HERE!

Get experimental with pedals!

If you’re already a guitar pro and have some free time to experiment, why not get going on one of our loop pedals? We have a wide range all available from our website and for next day delivery. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites!

Boss RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station Pedal

Rc 10R Angle Gal

TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper Pedal

MXR M303 Clone Looper Pedal

HeadRush Looperboard Pedal

Headrush looperboard

Get guitar rig 5 pro for FREE with Native Instruments!

If you haven’t checked it out already, head on over to our YouTube channel and learn something new! We have a trio of new guitar tapping lessons with Thom Pankhurst!

Thom Pankhurst joins us to give an introduction to guitar tapping.
Thom Pankhurst returns to give a more advance lesson on tapping.
Thom Pankhurst joins us to guide us through these two different ways of approaching guitar picking.

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