GAK’s Second-Hand Department – Why You Should Choose Us

At GAK, we’re not just music lovers; we’re passionate about the instruments that bring music to life. With over 35 years of experience in the business, we are the UK’s leading experts in buying and selling pre-loved musical instruments. Be it guitars, basses, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, pro audio equipment, or guitar effect pedals, GAK’s Second-Hand department is here to help you discover the hidden value in your pre-loved music gear.

Keep reading to find out why GAK should be your first choice for selling second-hand guitars and music equipment.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your first Squier electric guitar to a genuine Fender, want to make clear some space in your home studio or just want some extra cash, you can sell your second-hand gear at GAK with complete confidence.

Trust and Transparency: Our Appraisal Process

Our appraisal process is as meticulous as it is fair. We believe in honouring our valuations as long as the gear is as described. When we appraise an instrument, we start with a detailed inspection of its overall condition.

Our expert technicians then take the reins, ensuring every component of your instrument functions as it should.

We appreciate the lived-in charm of pre-loved instruments and understand that minor imperfections are part of their stories.

Even though loose wires or minor issues are unlikely to affect the final value, significant faults are taken into account. Every part of the instrument, including accessories and additional components, is considered in our thorough evaluation.

Maximising Your Instrument’s Value

A little preparation can go a long way in securing a better price for your instrument. A clean and functional instrument with all its parts and accessories will likely fetch a higher value. So, before bringing it to us, give your instrument a good clean, and ensure that everything is in working order.

Safeguarding Your Instrument for Shipment

We offer a free collection service if you aren’t able to bring your second-hand gear to our store. We only provide this service for mainland UK customers and at the discretion of our second-hand team. Please mention that you would like a collection whilst getting your quote.

In order to ensure your treasured instrument reaches us in the same condition as when it left you, it’s critical that it’s packaged correctly and securely. It’s not just about safeguarding your instrument; it’s about maximizing its value. Improper packaging could lead to damage during transit and, consequently, could impact the final valuation.

Please Note

Very large, heavy or fragile items, such as digital home pianos, guitar cabinets and valve combo amps are not eligible for our free collection service.

If you would like your item shipped back to you, we charge a £10 fee to cover the cost of the return shipping.

Shipping Guitars: Our Step-By-Step Guide

When shipping guitars to GAK’s second-hand department, we recommend using a hard case enclosed within a larger shipping box. A hard case alone does not provide sufficient protection against the potential for stacking during transit. Click here to purchase a GAK shipping box, which is the ideal size for shipping a guitar and provides that essential extra layer of protection.

We also strongly advise insuring your guitar (or other second-hand equipment that you’d like to sell to us) for its full value so you’re protected in case the worst happens.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to ensuring your guitar is packed as securely as possible:

  1. Begin by loosening the guitar strings to reduce tension on the neck.
  2. If your guitar features a floating bridge or whammy bar, detach these and store them securely to prevent them from moving inside the case.
  3. Line the head of the guitar case with bubble wrap to create a cushion for the neck, and layer the main body of the case to prevent the guitar from making contact with the case’s inner walls.
  4. Wrap the guitar in two layers of bubble wrap, ensuring it is secure with tape. Then, place the guitar within the case, making sure the head is placed on the cushioned lining. Add two more layers of bubble wrap over the head of the guitar for added protection.
  5. Prepare your shipping box by lining the bottom with a 2-inch layer of bubble wrap and newspaper, then place your cased guitar on top. Fill any remaining space around the case with additional bubble wrap or newspaper to eliminate movement within the box.

Ship With Confidence

If packed correctly, you should notice minimal to no movement within the box when gently shaken. This level of care in packaging not only protects your instrument but also helps ensure its value is maintained.

Our Promise: Risk-free Postage

We understand the emotional and monetary value each instrument holds for its owner. That’s why we offer a risk-free postage promise, ensuring you are protected against any potential damage or loss during shipping if we collect your item.

Provided you’ve packaged your item well as per the above advice, you will be covered for the value of the second-hand quote we’ve given you for the item if it is damaged or lost by the courier.

A Sustainable Choice

At GAK’s Second-Hand department, we don’t just see the economic value in second-hand instruments; we appreciate their sustainability too.

By rehoming pre-loved instruments, we’re prolonging their lifecycle and playing our part in reducing waste. Who knows, your second-hand instrument could be the treasure a budding musician has been dreaming of!

Our Commitment to You

Our dedication to transparency and fair valuation is unwavering. Plus, our risk-free postage promise ensures you are protected against any damage or loss during shipping.

If you’re ready to pass on your pre-loved instruments or have any queries about our valuation process, please contact the second-hand team by clicking here. At GAK, we’re here to help you find a great deal on your second-hand gear.