Ableton Live Intro

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Ableton Live Intro has been created for Beginners, Producers, DJs and Live performers. With 500 instruments and effects from the Ableton Suite Library, Live Intro will make shine on stage and in the studio.

Ableton Live Intro features instruments, loops, and effects in all music genres, built-in tutorials. Live Intro allows you to ReWire (Slave + master) and is able to support VST/AU plugins.

Augment your DJ setup: MIDI Sync to other software, creative effects, record your mix and edit it later. Session view for non-linear real-time performance, improvisation and remix capabilities.

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  • Audio/MIDI Tracks: 64/Unlimited
  • Ableton Audio Effects: 12
  • Ableton MIDI Effects: Unlimited
  • Ableton Instruments / Racks: 8
  • Instrument Plug-in Instances (VST or AU): 4
  • Audio Effect Plug-in Instances (VST or AU): 6
  • Sends/Return Tracks: 2
  • Stereo Audio Ins: 4
  • Stereo Audio Outs: 4
  • Session View Scenes:8
  • Grooves: 4
  • ReWire Master Slave
  • MIDI Out to Hardware Synths
  • MIDI Clock/Sync
  • Freeze
  • Tempo Nudge
  • Arranger Crossfades
  • MIDI editing, etc.
  • Screen magnifier
  • MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC Support
  • 500 instruments and effects from the Ableton Suite Library
  • 7 GB of loops from Loopmasters, Sonivox, Chocolate audio
  • ReWire, MIDI Out, Drum racks, Groove pool, and more

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