Aquila 73U Red Series 3rd G Baritone Ukulele String


Product discontinued

Aquila Red Series Ukulele Strings are incredibly innovative. By adding copper powder to their unique Nylgut formula, Aquila have increased the density of the strings, thus allowing lower tunings without the need for squeaky wound strings, which can lose their tone faster than the rest of the strings on your instrument. The Red Series strings feel unlike any ukulele strings available on the market right now.

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  • 70U: 4th unwound Soprano Low G tuning
  • 71U: 4th unwound Concert Low G tuning
  • 72U: 4th unwound Tenor Low G tuning
  • 73U: 3rd G unwound Baritone, DGBE tuning
  • 74U: 4th D unwound Baritone DGBE tuning
  • 75U: Aquila Tenor 6 string RED Single 1st

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