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In aDrums, The match between the feel and visual that the size of each instrument brings and the sound that echoes from it, will enhance the performance expression of the player. In addition to an attractive visual such as 18 "kick, 13" snare, 14 "hi hat, 18" ride cymbal, plus the same hit feeling and sense of distance as the acoustic drum, even at home and in the studio. It is an exquisite size that is not too big. In addition, by giving kicks and floor toms a fair amount of depth, you can experience the superb low sounds of aD5 with vision and feel.

In conventional electronic drums, there is a hot spot where an abnormally large sound is made when you strike the centre of the head, so dare not to let the sound source narrow the width of the dynamics (strength) had. In aDrums, by adopting a multi-sensor for drums and cymbals, we can equalise the sensitivity of this face, allowing expression from pianissimo to fortissimo as intended. Groove that is created by controlling the great dynamics like acoustic drums freely can make the performer's personality attractive.

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