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Avid Sibelius Starclass (Multi-User Licence)

#Sibelius Starclass (Multi-User Licence)
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Complete lesson plans and resources to help you teach music at elementary and primary school.

It guides you through 180 exciting, ready-to-use lesson plans which support MENC and QCA standards. Starclass includes full explanations of musical concepts for non-specialist teachers, hudreds of music clips and printable pictures, and an audio CD to play in class.

With your busy schedule, you dont have time to prepare all your lessons from scratch. Starclass make it easy to find a lesson plan which covers just what you want to teach, saving you hours of preparation work.

Simply select musical topics conveniently grouped from pitch to texture, or different kinds of creative classroom activity.

Starclass also helps you choose cross-curricular lessons relating music to other subjects, such as dance, art and literacy, or which address particular MENC or QCA guidelines.

All of the lessons are high-quality and fun, involving a wide range of topics such as planets, the weather and whale-song.

Starclas s stimulates creativity through music. Progressive lessons introduce composition, movement, body percussion, playing simple instruments, sol-fa and basic notation. Some lessons are for the whole class, and others are for smaller groups.

Each lesson plan includes step-by-step instructions, music and sound examples, printable pictures, and learning outcomes stating what students will achieve.

Sibelius Starclass contains hundreds of audio examples, ranging from abstract sounds such as metronomes and breaking waves, to instrumental excerpts and music to perform activities to. These are also provided on an audio CD, so you can play them in class without a computer.

Starclass includes hundreds of pictures of everything from instruments to dinosaurs, which you can enlarge and print out for worksheets, flashcards and posters. All of these resources may be photocopied!

Part Number: 9910-609-26-00

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  • Saves you hours of preparation
  • Supports MENC and QCA guidelines
  • Over 180 ready-made lesson plans
  • Ideal for specialist and non-specialist teachers
  • 99 track audio CD for playback in class
  • Hundreds of sound-clips and printable pictures
  • System Requirements
  • - Windows Pentium or faster, 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP. 32Mb RAM, 300Mb Hard Disc space, CD-ROM Drive
  • - Mac OS 8.6 or later, 32Mb RAM, 300Mb Hard Disc Space, CD-ROM Drive

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