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Blackstar take their ID:Core range to the next level with the V3 - improving one of our best-selling amp ranges with an upgraded sound, enhanced Super Wide Stereo effects and a refined look. From absolute beginners to world-class professionals, the ID:Core V3 range represents excellent value and will provide you with a fantastic tone that punches well above its weight.

The ID:Core V3 range is taking over from the hugely popular V2, significantly upgrading its features and capabilities. The same R&D team that designed Blackstar’s flagship amps also designed the ID:Core V3, so you’re guaranteed a premium playing experience when you plug into one.

Let’s take a closer look at how Blackstar have improved the V3 and why you should pick one up today:

  • Total Sound Upgrade: The ID: Core V3 boasts lower noise hardware and re-voiced effects, resulting in superior sound quality.
  • Next-Gen Cab Simulation: Blackstar provides ID: Core V3 owners with the state-of-the-art Cab Rig Lite software, which accurately produces the sound and feel of a mic’d amp. You also have the ability to tweak the cabinet, mic and room environment - so you can dial-in the perfect direct tone.
  • True Portability: The ID: Core V3 is compatible with Blackstar’s PB-1 power bank, enabling you to take it anywhere. This makes it a great companion for busking and jamming. The ID: Core features full-range speakers and a dedicated line-in volume control so it can double as a music playback system.
  • Revitalised Editor: The free Architect software replaces Insider, making deeper editing of your presets and access to advanced features more intuitive than ever. You can also share and download patches with the thriving online community.
  • Ergonomic Design: Transportation is no longer a chore thanks to a recessed handle on the back of the amp, making carting the ID: Core V3 to gigs a breeze. This is complemented by the sleek re-designed panel artwork.
  • Easy Live-Streaming: With a TRRS 3.5mm cable, you can use the ID: Core V3 to easily stream your guitar sound to a compatible device (such as an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile).
  • USB Audio: The ID: Core V3 works brilliantly as a recording and re-amping solution thanks to four-channel USB audio, transforming it into a capable interface which allows you to track your guitars with low-latency.

With six high-definition voices (from bold cleans to brutal gain), Blackstar’s patented ISF feature (variable US to UK voicing) and lush stereo effects (simultaneous Mod, Reverb and Delay) - the ID:Core V3 is a tonal chameleon that can excel at any style you through at it. This all comes in a very affordable and compact package, giving you an inspiring tone wherever you take it.

The ID:Core comes in three different sizes - 10, 20 and 40 - so you can choose the right one for your playing and practising needs.