Canopus CPSS-BB14NP Backbeat 14in Chrome Snare Wire

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Product discontinued

The wonder of snare wires which demonstrate distinct existence of every particle of sound even in the middle of large volume of sound!

By adopting spiral wires with so many coil coupled with end-plate of 1 mm thickness,enable to up-grade volume sense while keeping dull response. An aggressive and loud snare sound will be yours with this snare wire.

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  • CPSS-BB14DR (Dry) - The characteristic of this snare wire is not only to beat out powerful attack sound but to show an acute response even to the ghost note.
  • CPSS-BB14NP (Chrome) - The snare wire which has combined characteristic of both powerful attack sound and brilliant tone. Its effect on a metal shell snare drum is enormous. It will upgrade the potential of a loud snare drum to the maximum extent. The characteristic of the sound is so clear cut and audible to anybody, that what you would feel that snare is "born again".

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