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Fender Custom Shop-Bass Guitars, the original Electric Bass Guitar. When Leo Fender was looking to find a simple and elegant solution to playing, amplifying and carrying an Acoustic Double-Bass, he knocked it out of the ballpark when he invented the Electric Bass Guitar in 1950. This was arguably his most important contribution to Music, it completely changed the face of Rock'n'Roll, and every subsequent Genre from the 1950s onwards. The 'precision' element is attributable to the frets that made precise notes possible, further to the 'fretless' Upright Bass. This, combined with the small, portable size of the Precision Bass paired with a Bassman Amplifier, as well as the sheer VOLUME that was created by the Electric Bass ensured it was an instant hit with musicians. Many session guys welcomed the fact that they could now play both Guitar or Bass parts for sessions, whereas previously, playing the Acoustic Bass was a skill all of it's own. With an Electric Guitar & Bass and a Drummer, a small group of people could now make some seriously large sound together, which transformed what and how people played. It was Leo's invention of the Electric Bass that was the pre-cursor and catalyst for the modern 'band'.

"Fender Bass", the credit on many recordings during the 50s and 60s, became the industry standard for creating music, even more so when Leo created the Fender Jazz Bass in 1960. The instruments made during the Golden Era of Fender, regarded by many as 1950 to 1965, became extremely collectable and served as the benchmark for everything to follow. The Fender Custom Shop, founded in 1987, strives to re-create these original Golden-Era Fender Basses in every exact detail. Many believe that the quality of the instruments made in the Custom Shop today rival the quality from the Golden Era, so if you're looking for something off-the-peg, something bespoke, or something extra special and unique, then yo've come to the right place. Let the Bass department at GAK walk you through what we have on hand in our Selection, spec up a bespoke Teambuilt Bass built to your specifications, or create a one-off Masterbuilt Bass guitar built exactly the way you want it. The quality and playability of these instruments is second to none.