Headstrong Royal Reverb

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Product discontinued

The Royal Reverb is a hand wired replica of the AB763 1964 Deluxe® Reverb. The Royal Reverb is true to it's lineage in many ways, most notably in it's tone. One of the best recording/small to medium sized gig amps of all time. Used by countless session and touring acts for years as well as classic recordings spanning many genres, the Deluxe® Reverb will always be a classic. Until now you were forced to buy a 40 year old amp to get the true tone. Players are now turning to Headstrong. When you hear the Royal Reverb, you will know why.

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  • Based on 1964 Fender Deluxe® Reverb
  • 22 Watt Tube Powered
  • 2 channel (Normal/Bright)
  • 100% Hand wired
  • Tube Reverb and Tremolo
  • Finger jointed pine cabinets
  • Eminence Speakers
  • 2-Button Footswitch
  • 1X12 Combo: 17" X 24.25" X 9.5" 36 lbs.
  • 2X10 Combo: 17" X 24.25" X9.5" 40 lbs.
  • 1X15 Combo: 21" X 24.25" X 9.5" 42 lbs.
  • Head: 11" X 24.25" X 9.5" 27 lbs.

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