Mackie DLZ Creator Podcast Mixer


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Mackie DLZ Creator Podcast Mixer


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Mackie DLZ Creator Podcast Mixer Overview


Introducing the podcast mixer that adapts to you.

The DLZ Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer for Podcasting and Streaming enables you to get the results you want—faster than ever.

Inspired in part by smartphone and DSLR cameras that make great results accessible to anyone, DLZ Creator transforms the on-screen controls to meet your creative style or skill level—without compromising processing power or sound quality.


A digital recorder for all experience levels.

EASY - A no-fuss user interface that offers the fastest path to recording your first podcast. For those who want to get great results without menu-diving.

ENHANCED - Expanded control over your sound and mix. For those who want some customization without an overwhelming number of options.

PRO - Total control and fully customizable. For those who know what they want, and how to get it.


More than a digital mixer.

DLZ Creator is designed to help you become a better content producer.

Mix Agent™ is your virtual audio assistant that guides you through setup and sound check, so in a few button presses you’ll be recording.

AutoMix manages levels for up to four mics so everyone can be heard—even when they speak at the same time—which is a big help when you’re busy hosting a show with multiple guests or hosts.

Using Mix Minus with your Bluetooth®-connected smartphone lets you add a caller into the mix with no audible echo when they speak.


A professional studio mixer for your desktop.

DLZ Creator harnesses decades of Mackie expertise, making every detail count for your productions. From Onyx80 preamps that make even low-output mics sound both loud and pristine, to customized headphone mixes for each of your guests, DLZ Creator gives you the benefits of a professional studio mixer without the steep learning curve.


A portable and versatile podcasting interface.

As a content creator, you know that flexibility is key. No matter how you like to create, the DLZ podcast mixer supports you every step of the way. Record or stream to a computer via USB-C, or skip the computer and record full multitrack audio to an SD card for a truly self-contained setup.


From the recording studio to the streaming studio.

For decades, Mackie has provided musicians, DJs, and multimedia producers with the tools to create. From bedroom studios to the world’s biggest festivals, Mackie mixers are literally everywhere. DLZ Creator puts all our knowledge into a new design for the next generation of creators.