Mad About XYL50 25-Note Chromatic Glockenspiel


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Mad About XYL50 25-Note Chromatic Glockenspiel


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Mad About XYL50 25-Note Chromatic Glockenspiel Overview

“Great musical instrument for primary aged children. It is lightweight but the keys are all secured and remain in place so you can ensure that the instrument is ready to play as soon as you pick it up. Our younger children really like the bright colours and it is easier to help them play it without having to be able to read the notes” - Kate Moore, Bishop’s Hull Primary School

Natural notes are vibrant rainbow colours and the accidentals are dark blue. But don’t be put off by the colours - although designed to add appeal to youngsters, this is a capable musical instrument.

Sturdy carry case

The glockenspiel comes in a strong carry case to protect it from accidental damage when on the move. The case, which also serves as the soundbox, features three pop-out feet to achieve a slightly-sloped playing angle.

Mallets included

Two tough mallets (beaters) are provided and can be stored in the case so you can enjoy your new instrument as soon as it arrives.


Accurately made, the tone bars (each of which is stamped with its note letter) produce a crisp, clear note with just the right amount of sustain.