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The Roland FC-300 sets a new standard of power, versatility and innovation for MIDI foot control.

The Roland FC-300 is outfitted with nine industrial-grade footswitches and two programmable expression pedals for fast, easy control and expanded performance capabilities. The backlit LCD offers a high contrast view of patch names (when used with VG-99) and other important data, even in the darkest stage environments.

With features such as bi-directional MIDI data flow to the Roland VG-99 via newly adopted RRC2, patch memory recall, twin expression and control pedals and more, this advanced control station is a perfect companion for Roland's new VG-99 V-Guitar System or any other performance-based MIDI instrument or device.

Up to 100 sets of MIDI messages/parameters can be stored simultaneously in the Roland FC-300 as patches. Complex MIDI transmission is made simple thanks to the FC-300's ability to package chunks of data together in a single patch, and then transmit each data-burst via footswitch.

Using commercially available LAN (Ethernet, CAT5) cable and the newly-adapted RRC2 protocol, the Roland FC-300 provides both bidirectional MIDI transmission and electrical power supply with one simple connection between VG-99 and Roland FC-300 .

Two multipurpose switch-jacks are built into the Roland FC-300 . These programmable outputs are an ideal feature for guitarists, as they allow amp channels to be switched from clean to lead, for example, in sync with patch changes on the Roland FC-300 .

  • RRC2, Bi-directional MIDI data flow
  • 2 expression/control pedals
  • 9 footswitches
  • Expandable
  • 100 MIDI setups
  • 3-way power supply
  • Metal construction
  • 2 amp control switches

No upgrades available