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The Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz is a new model for the 2015 One Series. The Kingmaker has three base styles of fuzz based on the Big Muff, Fuzz Face and Octavia pedals. The controls are easy to use, with Drive, Level, Bass and Treble knobs letting you dial in your sound. But it doesn't stop there.

As with all Source Audio One Series pedals you can alter it with the free NEURO Effects Editor Software. With NEURO you can add an additional 8 types of fuzz and overdrive with in depth EQ control. By connecting to the Source Audio Hub you can save 128 presets, recallable via MIDI program change messages- there's more than meets the eye with the Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz!

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  • PRM


    Source Audio have been a hidden gem for years but I expect the One Series will catapult them to where they belong. This little gem has replaced 4 boutique drive pedals on my board. Did you know that with the Kingmaker you also have access to all the algorithms from the LA Lady drive? I did A/B testing on them and could hardly tell the difference between the originals and the emulated versions. I can stack two different flavours of drive and add two stages of parametric EQ anywhere in the chain. Also, using the neuro app I can tweak the sounds in ways that would be impossible with analogue drive pedals. This is fully controllable via MIDI, so I have 128 presets and 40 different types of dirt at my feet. Only I don't need to step on it anymore because I have programmed it to respond to PC messages so my DAW takes care of everything. This is the future.

  • David


    Great sounding pedal. Takes a fair bit of tweaking to get the best out of it though!

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