Tiger DHW56 Bass Drum Pedal


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Tiger DHW56 Bass Drum Pedal


In stock

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Tiger DHW56 Bass Drum Pedal Overview

  • Single chain rolling cam for a smooth more direct feel
  • Double Springs to help achieve a more precise natural rebound
  • Designed to work with acoustic and electric drum kits
  • Felt beater provides a warm fat sound when used on an acoustic kit
  • Quick set hoop clamp holds the pedal onto almost all bass drum hoops

Chain Drive

Tiger Bass Drum Pedals are chain driven to allow smooth beater movement.

Pedal Clamp

The Pedal Clamp allows you to attach your Tiger Bass Drum Pedal firmly to your bass drum

Spring Loaded

Adjustable Dual Springs mean you can create the perfect tension for the perfect pedal action.

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