Tiger GUI7-NT Wooden Fish Guiro


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Tiger GUI7-NT Wooden Fish Guiro


In stock

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Tiger GUI7-NT Wooden Fish Guiro Overview

  • 37 cm in length, 7.2 cm diameter
  • Comes complete with a 14cm tapered wooden beater/scraper
  • A great addition to all school percussion groups
  • All wood construction produces a loud scraping sound
  • Classic fish design with multi-coloured painted finish

Great Volume & Full Sound

Featuring a scraping surface that wraps around the centre of the instrument’s body, twin sound holes allow the internal sounds of the Guiro to escape, adding to the volume and fullness of the sound.

Decorative Paintings

This colourful and popular percussion instrument is beautifully carved with smooth ends, complete with decorative paintings and carvings, and a wooden Guiro scraper included.

Great for All Ages

Perfect for Schools and Percussion boxes/trays, the Tiger Wood Guiro is a versatile piece of hand percussion that can be used by all ages.

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