Tiger Microphone Stand + Cable Bundle

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Tiger Microphone Stand + Cable Bundle

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Tiger Microphone Stand + Cable Bundle Overview

The Tiger Microphone Stand + Cable Bundle includes everything you need to get your mic up and running for live perfomances and recording.

This convenient and affordable bundle is the perfect companion to your new microphone. It comes with an easily adjustable and reliable boom stand as well as a 6m XLR cable to connect your mic to an audio interface or mixing desk. Tiger are renowned for the quality and robustness of their accessories, so you can count on this mic stand and cable to last for many recording sessions and gigs to come.

Versatile and Compact

The Tiger MCA68-BK Universal Microphone Boom Stand stands out as a top choice among professional musicians and singers in the UK. Its versatility and compatibility make it an ideal option for a wide range of applications. Whether you need it for vocals, drum kits, guitars, amplifier cabs, overhead mics, or more, this microphone stand is up to the task. With its universal mic clip and 5/8" to 3/8" adapter, attaching your microphone to this stand is a breeze.

Stable and Adjustable Design

Designed with convenience in mind, this boom arm stand features a two-tier height adjustable centre pole, offering a height range of 101cm to 161cm. This flexibility makes it suitable for both seated and standing performances. The tripod leg design enhances stability, ensuring that the stand remains upright and secure during your energetic performances. To further enhance stability, the durable tripod legs are equipped with anti-slip rubber feet, providing a firm grip on any surface.

Easily Folds Away

Travelling between gigs is made easy with the foldable design of this stand. When fully folded, it conveniently packs down to just 95cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm, allowing you to transport it with ease. Whether you’re a professional musician on tour or a singer performing at various venues, this compact and portable microphone stand is designed to meet your needs.