Tiger STP4 Strap with Pick Holders & Picks, Black

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Tiger STP4 Strap with Pick Holders & Picks, Black

In stock

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Tiger STP4 Strap with Pick Holders & Picks, Black Overview

  • Suitable for all standard guitars including, acoustic(shoelace included), classical (where endpin included), electric and bass guitars
  • Equipped with 3 pick holders to store your picks for quick and easy use
  • A strong nylon strap means it will last regular use
  • Comes with a shoelace to tie around headstock on acoustic and classical guitars
  • Adjustable length between 92cm-151cm

Suitable for Use with Most Guitars

Designed to accommodate a multitude of guitar styles, we’ve made getting your guitar in that ideal position easy during standing performances. Suitable for electric, acoustic, bass, semi-acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars; we’ve even chucked in a shoelace tie for classical guitars.

Keep Your Picks Close to Hand

The conveniently designed pick holder stores 3 plectrums so you never have to stress about dropping a pick or hunting in your many gig bags during intervals. As we’re always thinking about our customers, we’ve chucked in 3 varied gauge plectrums for you to get you started.

Made from Strong Nylon

Have you ever gone to buy a guitar strap and hesitated due to concern it just won’t be strong enough to hold your solid body electric guitar? No hesitation is needed here - Tiger’s Guitar Strap is designed with strong, reinforced nylon to ensure your guitar is safe. Confidently grab your capo (or beverage!) during intervals without the need to hold onto your guitar.

Fully Adjustable Length

We know you’re wondering if we could make this affordable strap any more convenient - of course, we can! Fully adjustable in length, this strap can be adjusted between 86cm to 148cm - long enough for bass guitars and guitarists of all heights/ages.

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Rated 4.00 out of 5 26/9/2023

Good value for the price.

William Kent

Rated 5.00 out of 5 09/8/2022

Happy with this product

Kat G

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