Tiger TDA86-5A 5A Nylon Tip Maple Drumsticks


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Tiger TDA86-5A 5A Nylon Tip Maple Drumsticks


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Tiger TDA86-5A 5A Nylon Tip Maple Drumsticks Overview

  • Made from Maple making them lighter, giving you more control when playing and practising
  • Ideal for lighter playing - Jazz, Pop, Fusion
  • Diameter 0. 55” - Length 16”
  • Acorn tip nylon tip for more defined ping on cymbals
  • Great low cost stick for people learning, schools or music hubs
  • Hand orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Number of items: 1.0

Lighter for more control

These sticks have been carefully crafted from quality maple wood, making them lighter to handle and therefore offering much more control and precision to your performance or practice sessions.

Lighter playing style

We’ve carefully manufactured these light, maple drum sticks to make them ideal for lighter playing genres and styles such as Jazz, Pop and Fusion.

Acorn nylon tip

Thanks to the acorn-shaped precision nylon tips on these sticks, you can achieve a much more defined ‘ping’ sound when playing your cymbals.

Effective and affordable

These sticks are an effective and affordable solution perfect for beginners, use in schools and use in music hubs! Stock up and play away with these great low-cost drum sticks.

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