Tiger UAC4-BL-PACK, Blue


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Tiger UAC4-BL-PACK, Blue


In stock

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Tiger UAC4-BL-PACK, Blue Overview

  • Pack includes everything needed to convert your ukulele to use a standard strap
  • Adjustable strap 86 -148 cm with integrated pick holders
  • Necktie – simply attaches around the headstock of your ukulele
  • Included strap button with self-tapping screw fits the base of the body with ease
  • Also included, three felt ukulele plectrums

Everything you need is right here!

When putting this handy ukulele strap pack together, we’ve thought of you – the customer. Most ukuleles don’t have a built-in endpin for ease of attaching a strap, so we’ve made sure this package comes with that essential part. Also included is a ‘better than a shoelace’ headstock tie to attach the other end of your strap to your uke. We’ve also added 3 felt plectrums as a small gift from us to you. That means you get SIX essential ukulele accessories put together to remove any hassles you may encounter.

Adjustable length – don’t limit yourself!

Our ukulele straps have a length ranging from a comfortable 86cm to a whopping 148cm. Why would you want a ukulele strap THAT long? Don’t limit yourself – while specifically constructed for your ukulele, you may find this package more suitable for your guitar or banjo!

How do you use your headstock tie?

The purpose of your new headstock tie is to act as an efficient add-on to your new uke strap. At 21cm in length when unfolded, you can comfortably wrap this lock around the bottom of your headstock/top of your neck and simply lock the metal button within your straps peg hole. This will secure one end of the strap to your uke.

What about the endpin?

Secure your strap to the bottom of the ukulele by simply installing the provided endpin. Your endpin will consist of one button, one screw and a washer. To install, put all 3 components together as shown in the above diagram and screw into the bottom of your ukulele’s body (make sure it is central for optimum balance during play).