Vintage VE440WK-12 Statesboro Paul Brett 12-String Dreadnought Electro Acoustic, Whisky Sour

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Vintage VE440WK-12 Statesboro Paul Brett 12-String Dreadnought Electro Acoustic, Whisky Sour

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Vintage VE440WK-12 Statesboro Paul Brett 12-String Dreadnought Electro Acoustic, Whisky Sour Overview

There's an aura of 1930's blues about the new Vintage Statesboro' Whisky Sour Series of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, designed by English guitarist and blues historian Paul Brett.

Harken back to the Great Depression era in the USA, when so many classic songs were written about money problems and job losses, on what in reality, were just functional guitars amiss of luxurious appointments like exotic tonewoods, bindings or elaborate inlays.

The new Vintage Statesboro' Whisky Sour acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, (available in dreadnought, concert and parlour body sizes) all share the same 'bluesman on a budget' theme, looking authentically cool in a satin matt, Whisky Sour finish highlighting the natural grain pattern of the all-mahogany construction and subtle soundhole rosette.

It's Paul Brett's keen eye for design and expertise that's cleverly created a series of acoustic and electro acoustic guitars, that not only have that 'feel it in your bones' innate blues emotion, there's also a modern approach within playability and sound that amateur and professional players will appreciate.

The warm, crisp resonant tone of the handpicked mahogany for example and palm friendly neck profiles, smooth frets and a great action, make the Statesboro' Whisky Sour Series acoustics not merely an emotionally inspiring thrill for blues players, they're also well-suited to a wide range of playing styles

Like all Statesboro' acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, the parlour model alone has a big sound and is perfect as a travel companion, while both dreadnought and concert models are also available as electro-acoustic guitars with single cutaway bodies and an additional Vintage preamp with controls for volume, bass, middle and treble, phase switch, tuner display and low battery indicator.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 25/1/2023

Really impressed with the quality of this guitar! It’s my second Vintage and they are both awesome!

Mark Griffiths

Rated 5.00 out of 5 31/12/2022

Great 12 string beautiful sound

Clare Buckle

Rated 5.00 out of 5 22/12/2022

Arrived next day delivery, well boxed, no case or gig bag. It's a solid mahogany bodied dreadnought shaped 12 string, and has to be the lowest priced of its kind on the market. The instrument is very well finished and set up with a low and very playable action right up the neck. The higher octave strings are the first ones you hit on a downstroke, creating the classic 'chiming' 12 string sound. I say this because some 12 string guitars have the higher strings secondary to the normal strings, so their sound is less prominent, beware! The guitar incorporates a pick-up and tuner which work well. The strings supplied on the instrument I suspect were the standard 10-47 gauge phosphor bronze. There's no information available on manufacturers website regarding string gauges, recommended tuning pitch, or anything else! I've replaced them with bronze10-50 and tuned down a tone from standard pitch to ease string tension on the neck, common practise with 12 string instruments. It now sounds like a good mahogany instrument should: classic tone, ideal for fingerpicking and altered tunings, with a great sound for ragtime and blues, slide or other styles. Very impressed with the tone. I've played and gigged with this guitar for a few weeks now, and can honestly say it has far exceeded my expectations. An absolute bargain.


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