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Boss Multi-Effects Pedal

Everything you need for your Guitar/Bass rig in one box.

What Is A Multi-FX Unit?

Imagine having a giant pedalboard, with every effects pedal you could think of, a room full of amplifiers powered on and ready to go, a selection of every speaker cabinet configuration possible mic’d up with the latest-and-greatest studio microphones, armed and ready to record to your favourite DAW. Now imagine being able to transport all of that in a unit not much bigger than a laptop - that is a Multi-Effects pedal.

Multi-Effects Units are fast becoming the go-to solution for the modern guitar/bass player, providing enormous tonal options, fully customisable settings and offer a plug-and-play experience without the faff of setting up a giant rig. Not only that, they offer elite tour-level reliability, meaning that you aren’t worried about blowing the valves in your vintage amplifier, the handwired cables in your boutique pedals coming loose or your effects rack units failing live.

Why Boss?

Boss could be the very first brand you think of when mentioning effects pedals and it’s safe to say that they have pioneered the art of customising your guitar/bass tone. With a massive range of Boss Stompboxes available, it’s an easy choice to turn to when looking for a Multi-FX Unit. Boss are able to include their iconic pedals and partner them with groundbreaking technologies which they are renowned for. Plus, they even created the very first Multi-FX Pedal back in 1988, with the Boss ME-5.

As well as Boss’ esteemed legacy in creating effects, they have also revolutionised digital guitar products, offering products that not only sound great but “feel” great too. By utilising their knowledge and heritage in creating innovative Guitar products for over 40 years, Boss continue to break boundaries and set new benchmarks every year.

Each Boss Multi-FX Unit comes with a 3-year warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage.

Boss-Floor Multi Effects