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CME U-Key Mobiltone

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The CME U-KEY 49 Note USB Keyboard with trigger pads, X/Y Joystick and endless rotary knobs. Good quality, feature packed USB MIDI controller/standalone keyboard for Mac and PC with a built in GM sound module. The CME U-KEY Mobiltone is a compact USB master MIDI controller keyboard with a built-in 64-voice polyphonic sound module. It is ideal for mobile music-making and live performance with a laptop computer or in the studio where space is at a premium. The U-Key has a built in USB/MIDI interface and is class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X. The CME U-Key Mobiltone features 49 full-size semi-weighted synth-action keys with a choice of seven velocity curves to perfectly match your playing style and connected sound source. It also has three fixed-velocity options for when velocity sensitivity is not required. It is a suprisingly solid and comfortable keyboard to play considering the units compact size. Usually, the U-Key keyboard will transmit on a single MIDI channel (independant of the Pad and Knob channels), but you may also select Dual and Split modes. In Dual mode the keyboard will transmit on two selectable MIDI channels at the same time - ideal for layering sounds, and in Split mode a split point may be set with independant channels either side - useful for playing two different sounds in different regions of the keyboard at the same time. The CME U-Key is great for realtime control and tweaking! There are eight endless encoders (knobs), 8 trigger pads, an assignable X/Y joystick and foot pedal input for switch or continuous-controller type pedals. The knobs feature an adjustable accelleration curve and may each be assigned a MIDI controller and MIDI channel to transmit on. The trigger pads are ideal for programming drum and percussion parts into a MIDI sequencer or for triggering samples and sound effects. The pads are velocity-sensitive with an adjustable velocity curve and may be assigned to any MIDI note or MIDI controller and more. There is also a useful 'Pad Hold' function to aid performance within Song Mode. The X/Y Joystick is a great performance feature for twisting and modulating sounds in real-time. By default it will control pitch bend, modulation and brightness, but it may be assigned to any controllers. Either a switch-type pedal or continuous-controller-type expression pedal (not included) may be connected to the foot-pedal jack socket. The polarity is switchable for maximum compatibility with the wide range of pedals on the market. A continuous-controller expression pedal could be used to control volume for instance. Your U-Key custom settings/assignments may be stored into one of eight User Banks for quick recall during live performance or when in the studio. This means you can quickly switch to different setups for different synths or sound modules. A built-in 64-voice polyphonic MIDI sound module turns the U-Key into a great standalone keyboard, ideally suited to mobile music making. A wide range of high-quality sounds are provided including pianos, electric pianos, strings, brass, woodwind, guitar, bass, drums and a variety of synthesizer sounds plus sound effects too! The sound-set conforms to the GM (General MIDI) standard with MT-32 variations. Built-in speakers allow for mobile monitoring while a line-out jack socket allows the CME U-Key to be connected to a high-quality monitoring system or mixer, keyboard amplifier, PA system etc. In Song Mode, Standard MIDI Files can be loaded into the CME U-Key via USB, and triggered via the pads. Numerous modes are available for performance: 'Single-Loop Play Mode', 'Multi-Loop Play Mode' and 'Song-Play Mode'. There are also additional performance options including 'Pad Hold' and 'Mute Melody'. The CME U-Key Mobiltone allows you to play music in a wide selection of multi-ethnic scales from around the world. There is a choice of 41 scales (including Arabic and Asian) detailed within the user manual. The U-Key is also not just limited to equal temperament as you may select from 13 different musical temperaments to play in. And finally, the CME U-Key's interactive 'Game Mode' encourages practice by making it fun. the U-Key will help you brush up on your scales and arpeggios and sharpen your keyboard technique! This makes the U-Key ideal for music teachers and the ideal controller keyboard for installation into school or college music studios and classroom labs.

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  • Good quality, feature packed USB MIDI controller/standalone keyboard for Mac and PC with a built in GM sound module
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Dual and Split Keyboard Modes
  • Seven selectable velocity curves and three fixed-velocity options
  • Programmable Joystick
  • 8 x assignable trigger pads, velocity sensitive (with adjustable curve)
  • 8 x assignable control knobs (with adjustable acceleration curve)
  • User Banks for quick recall of panel settings
  • Built-in 64-voice polyphonic MIDI sound module - the original concept of the U-Key was to see it used as a composing tool for cell phone ringtones - hence 'mobiltone' name. However, the sounds are great for any musical composition
  • Standard MIDI file import and pad triggering for live performance
  • Multi-ethnic scales and selectable temperament
  • Interactive Game Mode to improve your keyboard skills
  • USB MIDI class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X
  • Built-in speakers
  • 1 x 1/8 inch TRS (3.5mm Mini Jack) Line Output
  • 1 x 1/8 inch TRS (3.5mm Mini Jack) Headphone output
  • U-CTRL function for easy software integration

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