Hiscox EBS Bass Hard Case, Black/Silver

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Hiscox EBS Bass Hard Case, Black/Silver

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Hiscox EBS Bass Hard Case, Black/Silver Overview

Electric Bass Style Case. Suitable for Fender Precision/Jazzmaster style bass guitars (will also fit many other styles).

Unique "Liteflite" Construction
The criteria for the design called for the construction of the very best lightweight cases possible, encompassing the use of the finest modern materials. The result is a range of cases manufactured using a unique composite double moulded construction which gives unparalleled protection for your instrument from a lightweight case.

The construction consists of a moulded, high impact resistant A.B.S. plastic outer shell, bonded directly to an inner moulding manufactured from a unique blend of 'High Tech' cellular foam. This inner moulding is feather light and, being semi-rigid, is designed to soak up impact shocks from the outside world. The unique bonding of the inner moulding to the outer shell gives unbeatable, total structural rigidity which is unmatched by any other case in the world.

ABS (due to it's unique balance of properties), produces mouldings which have strength, toughness and rigidity over a wide temperature range. These characteristics make it first choice for applications throughout manufacturing businesses world-wide - from computer housings to motor car bumpers - and of course, Hiscox cases!

The case lining is complete with a crushed velvet type cloth on the PRO range, and a deep pile fur fabric on the STD range. This is bonded directly onto the shaped foam moulding giving a neatly tailored luxurious feel, perfectly fitted every time.

Extra cushioning is provided by upholstered pads in the PRO range which are factory fitted in key areas. These can also be supplied loose in order that the body cavity may be customised to provide a closer fit for a particular instrument.

The aluminium valance is unique to Hiscox Cases. It's design not only increases the rigidity of the case, but ensures a positive location of lid to base when the two halves are closed. Unlike any other case available on the market, the valance extends deep inside the case behind the plastic shell, into which all the hardware (handles, catches, hinges etc.) is riveted. This method of fixing greatly reduces the possibility of fittings working loose.

With their incredible structural rigidity, all Hiscox 'Liteflite' cases exhibit enormous crush strength (comfortably supporting the weight of a 15st - 90kg person).

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 13/11/2020

Superb quality case for a great price.

Tom Saunders

Rated 5.00 out of 5 02/4/2019

Excellent value for money

Fraser Dalglish

Rated 1.00 out of 5 28/3/2018

Mmm not that impressed. Had two of these delivered both had cracks in the body from being roughly handled by the couriers. Not sure how well they would stand up to a baggage handler. Also think the crush test (ie five employees standing on the case) isn't really reflective of how your guitar is damaged. Most damage occurs when the case is dropped on it's end from a great height or thrown across the floor. Hiscox cases were cutting edge 30yrs ago. I think both materials and product design have moved on since then.


Rated 5.00 out of 5 10/3/2018

Exactly as described, really quick delivery, will use them again..

Alan Thompson

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