NU-X Time Core Deluxe mkII Digital Delay Pedal


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NU-X Time Core Deluxe mkII Digital Delay Pedal


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NU-X Time Core Deluxe mkII Digital Delay Pedal Overview

Time Core Deluxe mkII: Elevating Digital Delay with Versatility

NU-X introduces the Time Core Deluxe mkII, the next-generation digital delay pedal that sets a new standard in versatility and performance. Offering 7 selectable delay types, this pedal provides an impressive simulation of highly revered analog, tape, and digital effect pedals, while incorporating modern features for an enhanced experience, including tap-tempo, kill dry, and buffered tail bypass.

Premium Delay Effects: An Array of Choices

With the Time Core Deluxe mkII, you can access a diverse range of high-end delay effects that suit any musical style or preference. Select from 7 distinct delay types to craft your signature sound and elevate your performance.

Innovative Augmented Features

Experience the best of both worlds with this pedal’s up-to-date features. The tap-tempo functionality ensures precise control over your delays, allowing you to sync your effects effortlessly with the rhythm. The kill dry option lets you enjoy a pure wet signal, eliminating any unwanted dry sound. Additionally, the buffered tail bypass maintains a smooth and seamless decay when the effect is disengaged, creating a natural and organic musical flow.

Exploring New Horizons: Proprietary Phi Delay, SOS Looper, and Layered Reverb

The Time Core Deluxe mkII introduces exciting new additions to your tonal arsenal. The proprietary Phi delay brings a unique and captivating delay experience, adding depth and character to your sound. The SOS looper opens up boundless possibilities for creative experimentation, allowing you to layer and craft intricate loops in real-time. The layered reverb further expands your sonic palette, immersing your performance in lush and ambient textures.

Versatility Unleashed: From Short Slap-Back to Multi-Tap Repeats

From classic slap-back echo to expansive multi-tap repeats, the Time Core Deluxe mkII effortlessly handles a wide range of delay duties. Whether you’re seeking subtle time-enhancing effects or intricate delay textures, this pedal delivers unparalleled performance and flexibility to complement your pedalboard.

Time Core Deluxe mkII: Your Gateway to Timeless Tones

NU-X’s Time Core Deluxe mkII brings cutting-edge digital delay capabilities to musicians seeking premium quality and versatility. Redefine your sound, explore new creative territories, and unleash timeless tones with this exceptional digital delay pedal.