Randall T2 Valve Dynamic Series Head


Product discontinued

A revolutionary power circuit called "Valve-Dynamic" is the engine that drives this new high powered head. This newly developed Tube driven Mosfet power section is driven by a 12AT7 for natural tube feel and compression. However, the key to this power circuit is the accuracy in frequency response of a full 100 watt tube power amp, which results in unbelievable dynamic all tube tone, feel, and response.

Designed with a simple straight ahead front panel layout, the T2 has a shorter signal path that produces an extremely powerful, punishing tone. A true 3 mode amplifier, the T2 provides an extremely wide range of tones to fit any playing style while seriously catering to those who hunger for gain.

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  • Preamp Channels:
  • -2 channel / 3 mode all tube preamp
  • -Mode 1: Classic Tube Clean
  • -Mode 2: Classic Tube Overdrive
  • -Mode 3: Modern Tube Boost
  • EQ Controls: Bass, Middle, Sweep, Treble
  • Master Controls: Volume, Presence, Density
  • Power Amp: "Valve Dynamic™" Tube/Mosfet, Single Tube - 12AT7
  • Power Output:
  • -480 Watts @ 2 O
  • -400 Watts @ 4 O
  • -280 Watts @ 8 O
  • Other Features:
  • -MIDI In / Thru
  • -Assignable Series/Parallel EFX Loop
  • -Slave Output with Level
  • -"Mic Eliminator" XLR Output
  • -World Voltage Selector
  • -RF4T2 MIDI Footswitch

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