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Roland Mobile UA Audio Interface

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Roland Mobile UA Overview By GAK.
The Roland Mobile UA is a professional mobile interface.
Roland Mobile UA is a next-generation USB audio interface based on Roland's newly developed S1LKi DSP technology. The Mobile UA is a bus powered, highly compact USB D/A converter and can play both high-quality PCM audio and ultra-high-resolution DSD audio. The Mobile UA is capable of up to 4-channels of low-latency output, it can accommodate multiple listeners, or support click tracks and cue monitoring for recording and live performance.

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  • "S1LKi" DSP audio engine supports both PCM and DSD playback - Mobile UA supports native playback of DSD audio sampled at 2.8MHz. Our proprietary "S1LKi" audio engine also reproduces traditional 44.1 kHz and other PCM audio with extreme precision. By using the same type of 1-bit D/A converter used in DSD, the resulting conversion produces ultra-smooth, unclouded sound when compared to existing D/A conversion.
  • * 5.6 MHz DSD audio is down-sampled internally and played back as 2.8 MHz DSD audio.
  • Four outputs and ultra-compact for mobile production and live performance - Ultra-compact and bus powered, the Mobile UA features quality, stereo mini-jacks on both the left and right sides. Two people can monitor audio at the same time or use one set for main outputs and another for cue monitoring or a click track. Low-latency ASIO performance means compatibility with a wide range of professional applications.
  • * When a jack on one side is configured as an AUX output, any volume adjustments you make on the unit will not be reflected on this jack.
  • Loud audio at 158 mW 158 mW (at 4 ohm load) - The high-level headphone out supports monitoring situations where isolation from ambient sounds, nearby performers and crowd noise is essential.
  • Low latency - USB audio streaming and DSP are processed on a single custom chip. Mobile UA inherits Roland's acclaimed VS Streaming technology for low-latency and stable operation.
  • What is DSD? - DSD, or Direct Stream Digital, is a technology for digitising audio using much higher frequencies than typical PCM format. Each sample is recorded as a single bit at a sampling rate of 2.8 MHz, which is 64 times that of audio CDs (44.1 kHz). DSD formats that use 5.6 MHz, or 128 times that of CDs, are also widely used. Because DSD is capable of recording at higher levels of precision than audio CDs, it is primarily used for recording and music distribution.
  • - Worlds smallest USB audio interface that supports both ASIO and DSD
  • - High-quality audio playback from newly developed S1LKi audio engine
  • - Native playback of 2.8 MHz DSD audio
  • - Ultra-compact 4-channel audio output
  • - High-powered 158 mW 158 mW (at 40 ohm load) headphone amp
  • - Supports ASIO and designed for low-latency operation

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