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Sequential Pro 3 Series

Following on from the Pro 1 and Pro 2 - two legendary monosynths in their own right - the Sequential Pro 3 and Pro 3 SE incorporate the best elements of those classic synths. Combining the timeless character of analogue with the versatility of digital, the Pro 3 is Sequential’s greatest monosynth yet.

Rich Analogue Oscillators

At the Sequential Pro 3’s core is a trio of powerful oscillators. First up are the two analogue Voltage Controlled Oscillators (or VCOs), which boast a characteristically fat and juicy sound. These VCOs offer lot more than your run-of-the-mill analogue oscillators, featuring continuously variable waveshapes (from Triangle to Sawtooth to Pulse) with Shape Mod/Pulse Width Modulation for each wave.

Flexible Digital Oscillator

Next is the digital wavetable oscillator, which greatly expands the Pro 3’s sonic potential. There’s a huge variety of shapes within this oscillator, including static “analog” waveforms (Sine, Sawtooth, Super Saw & Pulse) and 32 wavetables. Within the 32 factory wavetables, there are 16 different waves that you can smoothly sweep through for PPG-esque crystalline timbres.

Custom Wavetables

In addition to the 32 factory wavetables that come with the Pro 3, you can also customise the digital oscillator by uploading your own wavetables to the 32 user slots. Using Sequential’s web-based Wavetable Generator, you can convert up to 16 single-cycle waves into a brand new wavetable. This is an insane feature that immensely expands the Pro 3’s sonic palette!

Paraphonic Pads

Whilst Sequential’s Pro 3 excels at monophonic patches, it can also be used as a 3-voice paraphonic synth. With paraphonic mode engaged, you can play the oscillators individually, allowing you to create beautiful pads and wild arps where each note is in a different octave.

Juicy Analogue Filters

Sculpting the rich sound of the oscillators are the trio (see a pattern yet?) of analogue filters. You’ve got a warm 4-Pole OTA based on the one found in the Prophet 6, a Moog-style 4-Pole Ladder (with optional resonance compensation, which preserves low-end) and an Oberheim SEM-inspired 2-Pole state-variable (which can blend between Low-Pass, Notch & High-Pass and has an optional Band-Pass mode). With these filters, an array of both classic and futuristic patches can be achieved with ease.

If you want to knock things up a notch, you can engage the Drive control, which drives the Filter input and adds punch and harmonic saturation.

Using the Audio Input, you can shape external signals (such as guitars, synths & drum machines) with the Pro 3’s lush filters.

Deep Modulation

The Sequential Pro 3 has a wealth of options to create movement and deep, evolving patches. There are 3 syncable LFOs (with feature a variety of waveforms, slew & offset), 4 loopable 5-stage envelopes and a deep 32-slot Mod Matrix. Whilst the Pro 3 can easily attain modular levels of complexity, its intuitive interface makes assigning mod routings and creating interesting patches a breeze.

Multiple Gain Stages

Another way the Pro 3 can become a filthy, snarling beast is with the onboard analogue Distortion and Tuned Feedback, which has a Grunge option for industrial-levels of nastiness. These effects can also be used subtly to add some harmonic excitement to your patches.

Super Sequencing

One of the Pro 3’s standout features is its astonishing sequencer. You’ve got up to four 16-step sequences per program, with 16-tracks within a sequence. These sequences can be chained together for up to 64-steps. Any of the sequence tracks can be used to modulate any parameter in the whopping 171-destination matrix.

There’s a tonne of flexibility within the Pro 3’s sequencer, with real-time & step input, multiple playback modes, ratcheting, variable gate & sequence lengths and paraphonic operation - all accessible from the front panel.

The fully-featured arpeggiator has a variety of play modes, can span up to 3 octaves and have multiple note repetitions. You can run the arpeggiator alongside the sequencer for automated parameters and there’s a Relatch mode for hands-free operation.

Stereo Effects

The Pro 3 is equipped with dual digital effects slots, which contain a selection of studio-quality reverb, modulation and delay effects (which can be time synced). An advantage of the Pro 3’s effects is that they can be modulated, allowing you to deeply integrate them into your sound design.

Expressive Performance Features

Sequential’s Pro 3 is a high-performance instrument that’s well-suited to dynamic, expressive playing. You’ve got a smooth semi-weighted, three-octave Fatar keyboard with aftertouch & velocity sensitivity, robust & backlit pitch/mod wheels and a latchable, location-sensitive touch slider. You can also insert a sustain/footswitch & expression pedal for hands-free control of the Pro 3’s parameters, including the Sequencer on/off and destinations in the mod matrix.

With the Pro 3, there’s plenty of ways to conjure variation, contrast and excitement on-the-fly.

Extensive Connectivity

Thanks to its plentiful connectivity options, the Pro 3 can become the centrepiece of your setup. In addition to the essential MIDI options (bi-directional USB & 5-pin MIDI I/O with an extra Thru/Out), the Pro 3 is also equipped with Control Voltage. With 4 CV inputs and outputs at your disposal, you can use the Pro 3 in conjunction with your CV-enabled gear such as Eurorack modules. Plus, with the external audio input, you can run your other instruments through the Pro 3’s audio path - including the filters, distortion and digital effects.

Brand New Wavetables

As part of their quest to make the Pro 3 the most creative and inspiring mono synth in your arsenal, Sequential have released a new enhancement for it - completely free. Click here and you can download a new set of 32 high-quality wavetables for your Pro 3 as well as a fresh bank of 128 patches that use them. Each new patch features a unique sequence to give the sound context.

These wavetables are a major expansion to the Pro 3’s sound palette and are derived from a wide range of sources, including a boutique Frequency Shifter, the legendary Fairlight IIx, Sequential’s own TOM drum machine, the human voice and more. The new wavetables load into the user wavetable slots, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your patches that use ones from the factory.

Buy a Sequential Pro 3 or Pro 3 SE from GAK today and experience a triumph in monosynth design.