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Ampeg V4 BH 100 Watt Valve Head (Pre-Owned)

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Product discontinued

This awesome sounding Ampeg V4 BH Head is in excellent condition due to one previous owner, purchased from new in the early 2000s. Rated at 100 watts all valve power and made in America it is one of the more rare and sought after heads ever produced in Ampeg's later years. The Amp has a wonderfully balanced tone from vintage warmth to hard driven punk and rock aggression that make it instantly recognisable as the archetypical Ampeg sound. Perfect for recording and gigging, this is not one to miss for any Ampeg fans! And to top it off the head comes equipped with Svetlana winged valves! The head has come in with an American made Ampeg SVT 410 HLF Cabinet that would make a perfect accompaniment, please see the separate listing for details. Both the head and the cab come with custom made padded covers included in the price. For any queries please contact our bass department on 01273 665427 or email

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