Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Pedal

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Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Pedal

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Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Pedal Overview

Embrace the Boss SDE-3000D Dual Stereo Digital Delay Pedal and step into a world where past meets present, where warmth meets precision and where every strum echoes the legacy of legends.

Immerse yourself in the domain of harmonic brilliance with the Boss SDE-3000D Dual Stereo Digital Delay Pedal, the descendant of the iconic Roland SDE-3000 rackmount digital delay that shaped the sound of the '80s. This feature-packed effects pedal boasts a potent blend of vintage character and modern innovation.

The Boss SDE-3000D is an excellent choice for guitarists, keyboardists and synth players who want a powerful, feature-packed and interactive digital delay with a unique, vintage-inspired sonic character.

Legacy of the Legends

Launched in 1983, the Roland SDE-3000 is fondly remembered as the prime delay machine of the era, revered for its warm, inviting musicality that stood apart from its contemporaries. Four decades on, the Boss SDE-3000D is not merely a homage to this classic gear but a modern evolution, delivering two authentic reproductions of the SDE-3000 in a single pedal, fully independent and finely tuned for modern guitar rigs.

The Art of Authenticity

The new Boss SDE-3000D pedal captures the sonic character that made the original so iconic. Rooted in the SDE-3000’s rich, warm tone, the SDE-3000D’s sound is the outcome of intricate digital processing and nonlinear behaviours of the original’s analogue circuitry. This fusion of digital and analogue worlds leads to a beautiful tonal colour that is both nostalgic and fresh.

Modern Mastery

The SDE-3000D surpasses its predecessor by not just recreating the classic parameters but also introducing modern enhancements. From flexible internal routing and expanded I/O for varied mono and stereo setups to 100 memory slots for storing favourite configurations, this pedal is equipped to serve the needs of the contemporary musician. The SDE-3000D also features deep MIDI support, ensuring seamless integration with any professional stage or studio setup.

Beyond Replication: Reimagining Modulation

The Boss SDE-3000D reimagines the original’s modulation circuit, a crucial element in this pedal’s distinctive sound. In addition to basic depth and rate controls, it allows for phase switching of the initial delay and delay feedback loop. With an additional sine wave option and greater control over delay phase settings, the SDE-3000D caters to a broader range of delay sounds, opening up a world of possibilities for the sonic adventurer.

The Power of Two

Imagine the power of two SDE-3000s housed in a single pedal. The SDE-3000D provides this reality, with two discrete stereo delays offering independent parameters and mono or stereo modulation. With the option to run the delays in parallel or series, you can create complex rhythms, reverb-like depth and ever-evolving stereo colours.

Compact and Control-Ready

Despite its intricate capabilities, the SDE-3000D is designed for ease and versatility. Equipped with onboard footswitches, two control jacks and TRS MIDI I/O, this incredible delay pedal offers instant control of memory selection, tap tempo, delay hold and momentary effect engagement. This modern compact power, far exceeding the original SDE-3000, is ready to transform your sound and enhance your pedalboard.

SDE-3000EVH -The Van Halen Delay Tone

Boss also offers the SDE-3000EVH Dual Digital Delay Pedal, an Eddie Van Halen-inspired edition of the SDE-3000D that was created in collaboration with EVH. The SDE-3000EVH is essentially the same as the SDE-3000D with the addition of 8 exclusive Van Halen presets, created by the man himself, and wet/dry/wet connectivity. With these extra features, you can emulate the exact stereo delay setup that became a crucial part of Van Halen’s live guitar sound.

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Rated 4.00 out of 5 07/5/2024

Great sounds although the instructions online are much better than the sheet that comes with the product

Brian Jenkins